Incunabula provenances and other names index

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Alphabetical list of names (surname order) associated with the incunabula, primarily relating to provenance. Including names of former owners, donors, and other names where the exact relationship to the book is unknown. Booksellers are listed in a separate index.

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See also the institutions provenances index and the booksellers index.


W., H. -- see H. W.

W., J. -- see J.(?) W.

W. L.


Waldbott-Bassenheim, Graf Hugo von (1820-1895)

4.1 Bible

Waltman, Carolus (fl. 1581)


Warey/Wary (16th century)


Watson, Francis (17th century)


Wauchope, David (fl. 1489-1502)
Procurator of the Scottish nation in the University of Orléans (1501-2);  canon of Dunkeld. See John Kirkpatrick, ‘The Scottish Nation in the University of Orléans, 1336-1538’ in Publications of the Scottish History Society, vol. 44 (1904), Miscellany, 2nd vol., 78, 79, 94, 101.

Bh8-e.10 (item 1); Bh8-e.10 (item 2)

Webb, Philip Carteret (1702-1770)
Barrister, FSA, FRS; Webb's library was sold in London on 25 February, 1771 by Baker & Leigh; see ODNB and A. N. L. Munby & L. Coral 'British book sale catalogues, 1676-1800:  a union list. (London:  1977) p. 68.

Be.1.5; Be.3.4Bg.2.24; Bw.1.12; By.2.10

Weidmann family (15th/16th century)
Of Thalheim an der Thur, Switzerland; see


West, James (1703-1772)
Politician and antiquary; see ODNB and 'Bibliotheca Westiana' (1773).

Bg.1.1Bv.2.7Bv.2.13; Bv.2.14; Bv.2.16Bv.2.19 (item 1); Bv.2.19 (item 2); Bv.2.21Bv.3.4

Wharton, Richard (fl. 1630)


White, Mr (17th century)


White, Thomas Holt (1724-1797)
Naturalist and literary critic; see ODNB.


Whittle, R. (17th century)


Williams, John (1798-1873)
Of Bryntirion, M.A. Ch. Ch., Oxford, vicar of Spelsbury, Oxon.


Wilson (fl. 1831)


Wilson (19th century)
Reference to "Wilsons sale 1835"

BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2)

Wilson, Bernard (1689-1772)
Church of England clergyman; see ODNB and auction sale catalogue of Wilson’s library (London, 11 May 1778) - annotated copy at BL (shelfmark S.C.S. 11(5)).

Cn.2.21 (item 1) and Cn.2.21 (item 2)

Wilson, James (1690-1771)
Biographer; see ODNB and 'A catalogue of the large and valuable libraries, of two learned gentlemen ... Henry Pemberton, M.D. F.R.S. and James Wilson, M.D. ... which will be sold by auction, by S. Baker and G. Leigh ... on Monday, February the 24th ...' [London:  1772]


Wilson, Mathew (1730-1802)
Of Eshton Hall


Wiman, Thomas (early 16th century)
Austin Friars, London


Winshemius, Guilhelmus (18th century)


Wiszniewski, Michał (1794-1865)
Polish philosopher


Wodhull, Michael (1740-1816)
Poet, translator and book collector; see ODNB and 'Catalogue of the extensive & valuable library collected at the end of the last and beginning of the present century by Michael Wodhull ... the property of J. E. Severne, Esq. M.P., of Thenford House, Banbury, Northamptonshire. Which will be sold by auction, by Messrs Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge ... 11th of January 1886, and nine following days'.

An-y.30; An-y.41Euing Add. f45

Wodrow, Robert (1679-1734)
Minister of Eastwood, ecclesiastical historian and Librarian of the University of Glasgow.

Bk5-g.22 (item 1); Bk5-g.22 (item 2); Bk5-g.22 (item 3); Bk5-g.22 (item 4); Bk5-g.22 (item 5)

Wood, John (fl. 1574)
See Durkan & Ross: Early Scottish libraries, p.91

Bk5-g.13 (item 1); Bk5-g.13 (item 2: probable); Bk5-g.13 (item 3)

Wood, N.


Worthington (16th century)


Wright, John (fl. 1723)
Library keeper to George Henry Hay, 8th Earl of Kinnoull


Wubberdingk, Conradus (fl. 1512)
Of Rinteln, Lower Saxony.   In addition to the two 15th-century printed tracts owned by Wubbderdingk now in Glasgow, three other incunabula owned by him have been identified, all three bearing a manuscript foliation in the same sequence as the two Glasgow tracts – indicating that the five were bound together (almost certainly for Wubberdingk) in the early 16th century and disbound at some later date;  see Royal Library, Copenhagen, Libellus de modo poenitendi et confitendi, Deventer:  Richardus Pafraet, 11 June 1491 (ISTC im00769000) with manuscript foliation “1”-“21” (ex. inf. Susanne Budde, Royal Library, Copenhagen);  British Library, Cordiale quattuor novissimorum, Deventer:  Richardus Pafraet, 16 Dec. 1494 (ISTC ic00899000) with manuscript foliation "52"-"105";  and Cambridge University Library, Dialogus inter clericum et militem super dignitate papali et regia, Cologne:  Heinrich Quentell, [ca. 1493] (ISTC id00155000) with manuscript foliation "142"-"150".   Further proof that these five items (and other tracts whose present whereabouts are not yet identified) were once part of a Sammelband appears on a1v of the Copenhagen 'Libellus de modo poenitendi et confitendi', where Wubberdingk has listed the full contents of his now disbound volume [image kindly supplied by the Royal Library Copenhagen].


Wyman, Thomas -- see Wiman, Thomas