Incunabula provenances and other names index

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Alphabetical list of names (surname order) associated with the incunabula, primarily relating to provenance. Including names of former owners, donors, and other names where the exact relationship to the book is unknown. Booksellers are listed in a separate index.

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See also the institutions provenances index and the booksellers index.


L., H. T.  -- see H.T.L.

L., H. W.  -- see H.W.L.

L., W. -- see W.L.

L. G. (16th century)

BC7-y.11 (item 1); BC7-y.11 (item 4)

La Baume le Blanc, Louis César de, duc de La Vallière (1708-1780)
See G.F. de Bure 'Catalogue des livres provenans de la bibliothèque de M.L.D.D.L.V.', 2 vols (Paris:  1767).

Be.3.6; Bf.1.16; Bw.1.7; Bx.1.5; By.1.3By.2.5; By.3.6By.3.34

La Cropte family (France)


La Vallière, Louis César de la Baume le Blanc, duc de -- see La Baume le Blanc, Louis César de, duc de La Vallière

La Verdière, Tussanus Michael Jerosme de -- see Verdière, Tussanus Michael Jerosme de la

Ladimir, Jules (19th century)


Lagus, Stephanus / Stephan Haas (fl. mid 16th century)
Physician of Nuremberg


Laing, David (1793-1878)
Antiquary and librarian of the Signet Library; see ODNB and 'Catalogue of the second portion of the ... library of the late David Laing ...' (London: Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1880).

Af-y.33Al-a.75; Al-b.45; Al-c.7; Al-c.9; An-y.17

Landor, Walter Savage (1775-1864)
Poet; see ODNB

BD9-d.9 (item 1); BD9-d.9 (item 2)

Lauraguais, Louis-Léon-Félicité, comte de -- see Brancas de Lauraguais, Louis-Léon-Félicité, duc de

Layton, Francis (d.1661)
Of Yorkshire, Keeper of the Jewel House to Charles I


Le Cène, Michel Charles (ca. 1684-1743)
Huguenot music publisher, Amsterdam.


Le Coq, Louis (Ludovicus Gallus) (late 15th century)
Bursar, Collège de Navarre, 1478.


Leddippe, Joannes (16th century)
"et amicorum"

BE6-h.13 (item 1: ?); BE6-h.13 (item 2)

Ledrre, Jocinto de (17th/18th century)


Lefournier, Cyprien (fl. 1849-1890)


Lemen, Johannes (fl. 1502)
Of Trier


L’Espinette, Ludovicus de (17th century)


Letherland, Joseph (1699-1764)
Physician; see ODNB and 'A catalogue of the genuine and truly valuable library of ... Dr. Joseph Letherland ... which will be sold by auction, by Samuel Baker ... on Thursday, March the 14th 1765 ...' [London:  1765]

Bh.3.25; Bw.3.14; Bx.3.27; By.1.14

Leventhorp, Thomas (d. 1588)
Of Albury, Hertfordshire

Bv.2.19 (item 1); Bv.2.19 (item 2)

Lewes, Meredeth (fl. 1623)

167506; 167507; 167508

Lewis, Frederick (1707-1751)
Prince of Wales


Lewis, Hugo (17th century)


Lewis, Meredeth -- see Lewes, Meredeth

Lewkenor, Thomas (16th century)


Lindsay, David (17th century)


Lindsay, Thomas Martin (1843-1914) 
Professor of Church History, and from 1902 Principal, Free Church College, Glasgow; see ODNB.

T.C.L. f53

Loder, Gerald Walter Erksine (1861-1936)
1st Baron Wakehurst

S.M. 1987

Loménie de Brienne, Étienne Charles -- see Brienne, Étienne Charles Loménie de 

Loser, J. B. (18th century)


Louignac, Jean de (17th century)


Louis XIV (1638-1715)
King of France


Louis XV (1710-1774)
King of France

Bh.2.14(?); Bv.1.5

Louis XVIII (1755-1824)
King of France

T.C.L. f12 (?) 

Lovat, Archibald Campbell Fraser of -- see Fraser, Archibald Campbell, of Lovat

Lubianus (15th/16th century)


Ludovici (17th/18th century)


Ludovicus (16th century)
Possible owner


Ludovicus Gallus -- see Le Coq, Louis (Ludovicus Gallus)

Ludovicus, Joannes-- see Hagen, Joannes Ludovicus ab

Lulmius Bergomensis, Paulus (d. 1484)
Vicar-General of Augustinian Hermits


Lumisden/Lumsden, Charles (1560?-1630)
Minister of Duddingston, Lothian (1611-1630); see H. Scott, 'Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae ... New edition', (Edinburgh:  1915-81), vol. 1, pp. 17-18.

Bm1-e.10Bm4-e.3 (item 1); Bm4-e.3 (item 2)

Lumsden, Charles -- see Lumisden/Lumsden, Charles

Luytens, Thomas (d. 1644)
Abbot of St Lambert, Liessies


Lyndsay, David -- see Lindsay, David 

Lyng, William (16th century)


Lyons Scott, Robert -- see Scott, Robert Lyons