Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum, sive Vitas patrum [English]. The lyff of the faders.

Translated by William Caxton.

Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, [before 21 Aug.] 1495.
Fol. Aa8 a-o8 p6 q-x8 y10 z8 aa-tt8 vv-xx6. [356] leaves (leaves a1-xx6 foliated “I”-“CCCxlvii”, with errors.
Woodcuts, woodcut initials, woodcut title; woodcut printer’s device.
ISTC ih00213000; Goff H213; BMC XI 197; Bod-inc H-116.

Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bv.2.13 (see main library entry for this item)
Variants: xx5v, col. 2, line 32 ends “... by my” as in BMC XI, 197 (IB. 55176), not “... be my” as in BMC XI, 197 (IB. 55175);  q2r, col. 2, the woodcut is Hodnett 807 as in BMC XI, 197 (IB. 55176), not Hodnett 854 as in BMC XI, 197 (IB. 55175). 
Note: Leaf Aa1 is mounted. 
Provenance: Simon Porter (16th century): partially erased name on Aa1r “Simon p[ort]er”.
Robert Greene (16th century): inscription within the woodcut on a2r “Rob: Greene”.
Johnson, Sir(?) Jervase(?) & Johnson, James (16th century): cropped marginal inscriptions on y8v “[Si]r(?) Jerua[se](?) Jhonso[n]” and on y9r “Jamys Jho[nson]”; inscription on z7r “Sry [i.e. Syr?] Jerua[se](?) Jhonson”.
William Burton (16th century): inscription on xx6r “Dompnus Wyll[i]m[us] Burtun et alicia Burtun monica”.
Alice Burton (16th century): inscription on xx6r “Iste liber constat d[omi]ne Alicie Burton et Margarete cognate eius quar[um] facta et desideria sint deo beneplacita ...”; this ownership mentioned in M. Erler, ‘Widows in retirement: region, patronage, spirituality, reading at the Gaunts, Bristol’, 'Religion and literature', vol. 37, no. 2 (2005) p. 62.
Edward Harley (1689-1741), Lord Harley;  from 1724 2nd Earl of Oxford;  possible owner (cf. Bv.2.16, Bv.2.19, Bv.2.21).
Thomas Osborne (d. 1767), bookseller;  perhaps no. 1569 in 'Catalogus bibliothecae Harleianae', III (1744) and no. 1712 in 'Catalogus bibliothecae Harleianae', V (1745) - both with misprinted date '1595'.
James West (1703-1772), politician and antiquary: lot 1866 in 'Bibliotheca Westiana' (1773).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist: purchased by Hunter at the West sale for £4.10.0 according to the BL annotated copy of the West sale catalogue.
University of Glasgow: Hunterian bequest 1807; Hunterian Museum bookplate on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “A.7.20”.
Binding: England, 18th-century gold-tooled red goatskin;  covers decorated with a border built up of separate tools depicting a single flower in an urn within an architectural arch, the arch surmounted by a globe;  gold-tooled spine with two (now largely lost) green leather labels and a ‘Gothic window’ design in the remaining four compartments;  dark blue paper pastedowns;  gilt-edged leaves;  dark green silk bookmark;  see Bv.2.16, Bv.2.19, Bv.2.21 for identical bindings (for the same border see BMC XI, 122, IB. 55040, and Christie's, London, Wentworth sale, 8 July 1998, lot 2 'bound for James West').   Size: 274 × 205 mm.
Leaf size: 267 x 192 mm. 
Annotations: Two unread separate words on Aa1r (perhaps names?);  single word annotation in margin of Aa6r;  on xx6r a reference in a 16th-century hand to fol. CCCiij relating to the “sacrament of the aulter”;  16th-century marginal annotation (cropped) “[...] Jh[es]u p[re]serve uz” on xx6v. 
Decoration: Decorative doodles in pen-and-ink on ſ6v and xx6v. 
Imperfections: None. 

Title and woodcut illustration in Hieronymus: Vitae sanctorum patrum, sive Vitas patrum [English]