Nicolaus de Lyra: Postilla super totam Bibliam.

Guillelmus Brito: Expositiones; Paulus de Sancta Maria: Additiones; Matthias Doering: Replicationes.

[Strassburg: Printer of Henricus Ariminensis (Georg Reyser?), between 1474 and 14 Apr. 1477]
Fol. Vol. I (Genesis to Job): [1-1310 1410+1 15-2710 288 29-3910 40-428. [413] leaves, the first blank. Vol. II (Psalms to Ecclesiasticus): 1-610 78 8-1410 158 164+1 17-2410 254. [235] leaves. Vol. III (Isaiah to Maccabees): 1-210 3-48 5-610 7-88 9-1510 168 17-2610 278 2810. [268] leaves, the last blank. Vol. IV (New Testament): 1-210 3-88.12 98 1014 118 1212 13-148 156 16-2312.8 2412 256 (25/6+1) 2610 (-26/4) 27-3310. [322] leaves, the last blank.
ISTC in00134000; Goff N134; BMC I, 80 (IC. 898:897); Bod-inc N-058.
Printed in type 2:93G of the editions ascribed by Ohly to Georg Reyser; the ascription is disputed by P. Needham, Christie's, Doheny 19.

Accession number: 160826
Note: Volume 4 (New Testament) only, whose make-up - based on a close examination of the sewing - differs considerably from that of the copy described in BMC.
Note: Stub of 26/4 showing.
Provenance: Franciscus Gomarus/François Gomaer (1563-1641), Dutch Calvinist theologian: inscription “Hunc Librum Dono dedit D. Doctor franciscus Gomarus Godofrido Vollus a[nno] salutis 1594 vltima Martij” on front flyleaf.
Godofridus Vollus/Gottfried Voll (fl. 1594): see above.
Arnoldus Steunings (fl. 1638): inscription “Eundem dono accepit a D[omi]n[o] Arnoldo Steunings cive et senatore Hanovico Godofred[us] Vollus F. [...] à nato Salvatore 1638. d[ie] 20. martij” on front flyleaf.
Heynemann (18th century): name “Heynemann” on 1/1r.
Georg Friedrich Creuzer (1771-1858), philologist and professor at Marburg and Heidelberg: book stamp on 1/1r of two letters “C” addorsed and interlaced below a coronet of seven points.
James Morison (1816-1893), United Secession minister and a founder of the Evangelical Union: source unknown.
Mitchell Library, Glasgow: purchased Morison’s theological library in 1894.
Binding: 19th-century half vellum over pasteboards, speckled buff-coloured paper sides; spine lettered “POSTILLA || NOVUM || TESTAMENTVM” within a border of ornaments (the first two words washed in yellow, the third in green); evidence of a rectangular paper label removed from spine; red-edged leaves; vellum manuscript guard strips visible in the centre of many gatherings. Size: 422 x 312 mm.
Leaf size: 412 x 298 mm.
Leaf size: 412 x 298 mm.
Annotations: Occasional marginal annotations in 16th/17th-century hands; a reference to Panzer’s 'Annales' on front pastedown together with a number or price “36/” in pencil.
Decoration: On 1/1r a nine-line initial “Q”, set on a square green patterned ground, is supplied in shades of purple to resemble foliage with floral extensions into the inner margin; a similarly decorated nine-line initial “E” on 16/2r; on 27/1r a nine-line initial “R”, set on a square red patterned ground, is supplied in shades of green to resemble foliage with foliate extensions into the inner margin. Other principal initials supplied in blue with red pen-work embellishment; smaller initials throughout supplied in red or in red and reserved white (occasionally in blue), often with marginal flourishes. Capital strokes, paragraph marks, line-fillers, underlining, and running headings supplied in red throughout. Guide-letters often visible - in much of the book these are placed in the inner margin almost at the fold.
Imperfections: Wanting vols 1-3;  vol. 4 only, wanting the final blank leaf.

Nicolaus de Lyra: Postilla super totam Bibliam - Decorated initial