Important dates

for students starting in academic year 2022-23

We expect you to arrive on campus for the beginning of the academic year. This will mean that you will enjoy as much as possible of the on-campus experience that we know you value and that characterises the University of Glasgow.

  • Start date: the date your programme starts
  • Latest date of arrival: the latest date you will need to be physically on-campus to start your programme. If your travel is delayed or, for medical reasons, you are unable to join us from the start, we require that you enrol online by your Latest enrolment date and contact your School.
  • Latest enrolment date: the date by which you must have chosen your courses and classes for your programme, whether you are beginning on-campus or remotely.  We would encourage you to enrol as early as possible to build your own timetable and to be able to take part in your studies from the course start date.