GIP Concordances index

This index cross references the GIP number assigned to each book (in the published version of the catalogue) with the shelfmarks used in this web catalogue to index items.

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A1 (An-y.39)

A2 (BD7-f.13: item 4)

A3 (Bx.3.26)

A4 (Bg.2.7)

A5 (Ai-x.21)

A6 (By.3.30)

A7 (Eg5-a.16)

A8 (An-y.15)

A9 (By.3.41)

A10/1 (By.3.16)

A10/2 (By.3.32)

A11 (By.3.21)

A12 (BD2-f.27)

A13 (BD7-e.17)

A14 (Be.3.11)

A15/1 (Bw.1.7)

A15/2 (BD9-a.9)

A16 (Be.2.20)

A17 (Ah-x.12)

A18 (Be.3.9)

A19/1 (Ak-x.24)

A19/2 (Al-b.19)

A20 (Ah-a.29)

A21 (Af-g.54)

A22 (Ah-b.27)

A23 (Ai-a.27)

A24 (Ah-f.55)

A25 (Ai-a.17)

A26 (Ai-a.28)

A27 (Ai-a.11)

A28 (Ai-a.26)

A29/1 (Ah-b.23)

A29/2 (Ah-a.22)

A30 (Al-b.86)

A31 (Ai-a.22)

A32 (Ah-b.24)

A33 (Ah-a.30)

A34 (Af-f.81)

A35 (An-y.27)

A36 (Af-f.84)

A37/1 (Ah-b.25)

A37/2 (Ah-b.26)

A38 (Ah-a.31)

A39/1 (Ah-e.80)

A39/2 (Ai-a.26: item 1)

A40 (BD7-e.16)

A41 (BD7-f.13)

A42 (Bg.2.27)

A43 (Bm3-c.13)

A44 (Sp Coll f235)

A45 (BC33-d.8)

A46 (Bx.3.41bis)

A47 (Bm1-e.10)

A48 (RB 3058)

A49 (BC33-d.8)

A50 (Eg6-e.20)

A51 (Bl9-g.25: item 2)

A52 (Bw.3.8: item 2)

A53 (Bx.1.5)

A54 (BD7-e.19)

A55 (Bw.2.11)

A56 (Bw.3.23)

A57 (Be.2.9)

A58/1 (Bh.1.5)

A58/2 (Bl7-e.2)

A59 (BC2-x.15)

A60 (BD9-e.19)

A61 (S.M. 104)

A62 (S.M. 105)

A63 (Bl6-e.2)

A64 (An-y.6)

A65/1 (Bw.3.25)

A65/2 (Bw.3.28)

A66 (Bx.3.20)

A67 (Mu43-a.4)

A68 (Bg.2.16)

A69 (Bg.2.14-15)

A70/1 (Bh20-a.11)

A70/2 (Bh.3.26)

A71/1 (Bw.2.14-15)

A71/2 (BD7-d.16)

A72 (Bf.1.17)

A73 (Be.1.14)

A74 (Bg.3.17)

A75 (Bn6-d.1)

A76 (Bg.1.13)

A77 (Bh.1.11)

A78 (By.2.2)

A79 (X.2.15)

A80/1 (Bh20-a.13)

A80/2 (Bh.2.15)

A81 (Mu51-b.16)

A82 (Eg5-x.1)

A83/1 (Bh.2.6)

A83/2 (Bh10-d.11)

A84 (By.2.4)

A85/1 (Bh.2.9)

A85/2 (Bh10-d.13)

A86 (Be.3.6)

A87 (Bw.3.27)

A88 (Eg7-b.3)

A89 (BC2-f.14)

A90/1 (Bh.2.4)

A90/2 (Bh10-d.9)

A91 (Bf.3.18)

A92/1 (Bh.2.5)

A92/2 (Bh10-d.10)

A93 (Mu48-b.1)

A94 (BC14-c.11)

A95 (An-y.26)

A96 (An-y.40)

A97 (Eg6-e.20)

A98 (BC33-e.21)

A99 (Bg.1.3)

A100 (An-y.30)

A101 (Bw.3.22)

A102 (BD7-e.8)

A103 (Mu27-e.4)

A104 (Bv.3.14)

A105 (Bx.2.1)

A106 (Bh.2.12)

A107 (Bw.1.13)

A108 (Bx.3.23)

A109 (Af-a.45)

A110 (Bm4-e.3)

A111 (BD7-c.1)

A112 (Aq-y.65)

A113/1 (BD12-a.12)

A113/2 (By.1.2)

A114 (By.1.1)

A115/1 (BD12-a.7)

A115/2 (By.1.3)

A116/1 (By.1.4)

A116/2 (T.C.L. e2)

A117 (Bh8-e.10)

A118 (BD7-d.15)

A119 (Bh8-e.10)

A120 (By.3.20)

A121 (Bi5-c.10)

A122 (Bx.3.34)

A123 (By.3.24)

A124 (Bx.3.35)

A125 (Bn6-d.3)

A126 (Bk5-g.22)

A127 (Bx.3.7)

A128 (Be.3.3)

A129 (Eg7-y.15)

A130 (Dk.2.8)

A131 (Bg.3.6)

A132/1 (Bw.3.24)

A132/2 (Am-z.44)

A133/1 (An-y.2)

A133/2 (An-y.7)