Kennedy Scholarships


The Kennedy Scholarship is an academic award for study at two of the world's finest universities - Harvard and MIT. It can be used to fund a wide variety of programmes at MIT and across all the graduate schools within Harvard - from PhD to LLM, from MPH to MArch.   It can also fund a Special Studentship for those wanting a general programme of non-degree study.

Please visit Kennedy Scholarships webpage for more information.

Those applying for awards must be all of the following

  • British citizens
  • ordinarily resident in the UK
  • wholly or mainly educated in the UK prior to university and (will be) graduates of a UK university

Graduate applicants must have commenced their undergraduate studies at a UK university no earlier than 1st September 2012 and have since graduated with their first degree from a UK university. Those studying for a first degree at a UK university and due to graduate in the academic year 2021-2022 are also eligible.

Applications cannot be accepted from those already in the United States.

There is no additional funding for dependents.

Awards will not be made to postdoctoral candidates wishing to pursue further research in their own field.

Eligible countries/regions

  • England
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales

Eligible programmes


The scholarship typically covers the full costs of tuition and health insurance, paid direct to the institution concerned. In addition, Scholars selected at interview may apply for a means-tested bursary of up to $27,250 to cover living costs.

Scholars are expected to spend part of their summer vacation in the United States after the end of the academic year and may also apply for an additional grant of $2,500 to pay for vacation travel.

How to apply

Applications are to be made online at

The application deadline for Kennedy Scholarships tenable in 2022-23 has now passed.

For more information contact: