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Alphabetical listing by name (surname order) of books with bookplates, stamps and labels. These names are also found in the main provenances index. Anonymous bookplates are listed at the end. 

Please note, this listing does not include the bookplates of common collections at the University of Glasgow (eg. Hunterian Museum, David Murray, Stirling Maxwell etc).

Named bookplates/labels


Amberg (Bavaria), Franciscans, S. Bernardinus Senensis

T.C.L. f.9 (stamp)

Anstruther, John, Sir (d. 1799)
Second baronet of Anstruther; politician.

BD7-b.7 (armorial bookplate (Franks 616))

Astorga, Marqués de


Augustus Frederick (1773-1843), Duke of Sussex

167526 (armorial bookplate); An-y.26 (armorial bookplate); An-y.40 (armorial bookplate); BD7-c.7 (item 1) & BD7-c.7 (item 2) (armorial bookplate); BD7-c.10 (armorial bookplate); BD7-d.8 (armorial bookplate); BD7-d.20 (armorial bookplate); BD7-d.21 (armorial bookplate); BD9-a.12 (armorial bookplate); BD9-b.2 (armorial bookplate); BD9-b.7 (armorial bookplate); BD9-e.4 (armorial bookplate); Eg6-d.18 (armorial bookplate)


Bain, Andrew (1844-1926)
Founder of Clydesdale Iron Works: engraved bookplate on front pastedown "... Given to the Mitchell Library, with other books - by Andrew Bain, Glentower, Hunter’s Quay - in Memory of his Father Andrew Bain, Printer 1810-1858 ...".

310925 (bookplate)

Beaupré, Jean-Nicolas (ca. 1792-1869)
Magistrate and antiquary, Nancy.

Ai-a.26 (item 1), Ai-a.26 (item 2) & Ai-a.26 (item 3)

Berlin, Royal Library

BD9-d.20 (circular stamp)

Biblioteca Visnievsciana


Blomefield, Francis (1705-1752)
Topographical historian and Church of England clergyman

Cn.1.2 (armorial bookplate)

Boutourlin, Dimitrij Petrovich (1763-1829), Count

An-y.24 (armorial bookplate)

Breslau (Silesia), Augustinian Canons Regular -- see Wrocław/Breslau (Silesia), Augustinian Canons Regular

British Library -- see London, British Museum

British Museum -- see London, British Museum

Brockett, John Trotter (1788-1842)
F.S.A., lawyer

Al-b.17 (armorial bookplate); An-y.31 (armorial bookplate)


Capuchins, Naples, S. Ephrem and B.V.M. -- see Naples, Capuchins, S. Ephrem and B.V.M. 

Cavaleri, Michele (ca. 1813 - ca. 1875)
Lawyer and founder of a private museum in Milan (cf. Needham IPI).

Ah-b.23 (circular bookstamp “Museo Cavaleri”); An-y.3 (circular bookstamp “Museo Cavaleri”)

Cheney, Edward (1803-1884)
Of Badger Hall, Shropshire

An-y.41 (armorial bookplate)

Colladon-Martin, Jean Antoine (1755-1830)
Swiss pharmacist and chemist

An-y.10 (book label)

Compton, J., Rev. (19th century)

Mu7-x.5 (armorial bookplate)

Cortina, Joaquín Gómez de la (1808-1868)
1st Marqués de Morante

An-x.13 (armorial bookplate)

Crawford, William Horatio (1815-1888)
Of Lakelands, Cork

Ag-x.11 (armorial bookplate); Al-b.17 (armorial bookplate)

Creuzer, Georg Friedrich (1771-1858)
Philologist and professor at Marburg and Heidelberg

160826 (book stamp)

Cunliffe, Ellis, Sir, Bt. (1717-1767)
Merchant and M.P. for Liverpool.



Diemert, Georges (early 19th-century)


Douai, Bibliothèque Municipale

Ai-x.21 (stamp)

Duhem, Pierre Maurice Marie (1861-1916)
Professor of Theoretical Physics at Bordeaux


Dunn, George (1865-1912), of Woolley Hall, Maidenhead

Ah-b.27 (label); Mu27-e.4 (label)


Euing, William (1788-1874)
Glasgow insurance broker; see Euing collection description.

BD7-b.16 (armorial bookplate); BD7-d.16 (armorial bookplate); BD9-a.4 (armorial bookplate); BD9-a.9 (armorial bookplate)


Florence, Olivetans, S. Miniato al Monte

Bf.3.6, 7 (ownership stamped in blind with metal type) 

Fox, Charles James (1749-1806)

Bx.3.2 (armorial bookplate)

François, J. Ladimir -- see Ladimir, Jules


G., L. -- see L.G.

Glasgow, Free Church College Library (later Trinity College Library)

 T.C.L. 285 (stamp); T.C.L. 389 (stamp); T.C.L. 450 (stamp); T.C.L. 451 (stamp); T.C.L. f1 (stamp); T.C.L. f3 (stamp); T.C.L. f5 (stamp); T.C.L. f9 (stamp)

Glasgow, Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons

RCPSG: Bookstore BAR (two armorial bookplates); RCPSG: Bookstore BER (two armorial bookplates); RCPSG: Bookstore SER (two armorial bookplates); RCPSG: Bookstore IBN(1) (two armorial bookplates); RCPSG: Bookstore IBN(2) (two armorial bookplates)

Gómez, Joaquín, de la Cortina -- see Cortina, Joaquín Gómez de la

Graz, Observant Franciscans

Dq-a.16 (oval book stamp)


H., T., -- see T. H.

Hacker, Joannes (fl. 1622)

BD15-i.23 (woodcut label with armorial shield, hand coloured)

Hall, Peter (19th century)

BD7-d.10 (armorial bookplate)

Hardinge, Nicholas (1699-1758)
Neo-Latin poet and politician

Bv.1.12 (armorial bookplate)

Harvey, George C.  (d. before 1885)

An-x.20 (armorial bookplate); An-y.14 (armorial bookplate)

Heber, Richard (1774-1833)

BC4-c.21 (item 2: book stamp); BC4-c.21 (item 3: book stamp); BD7-b.13 (book stamp); BD7-d.22 (book stamp); BD7-e.5 (book stamp)

Hoblyn Robert (1710-1756)

Bh.2.3 (armorial bookplate (Franks 14910))

Holzinger, J.B. (fl. 1882)

Ah-b.24 (circular bookplate); Ai-a.28 (circular bookplate)

Hotchkis, Leonard (d. 1754) 
Headmaster of Shrewsbury School

Bf.3.10 (item 1: armorial bookplate (Franks 15434)); Bf.3.10 (item 2: armorial bookplate (Franks 15434))

Hotson, James (1804-1890)

Bo2-i.15 (bookplate)

Huzard, Jean-Baptiste (1755-1838)

Ag-x.13 (book stamp)


Inglis, Charles

Mu43-a.4 (label)

Inglis, John Bellingham (1780-1870)

Ag-x.11 (armorial shield); BD7-d.11 (armorial shield)


Kloss, Georg Franz Burkhard (1787-1854)

77723Af-f.81 (label); Af-y.33 (label); Ai-a.11 (label); An-y.23 (item 1) and An-y.23 (item 2) (label); BC6-h.8 (evidence of Kloss? label removed); Dq-c.11 (label); Eg6-a.13 (label)


L. G. (16th century)

BC7-y.11 (item 1: woodcut armorial bookplate); BC7-y.11 (item 4: woodcut armorial bookplate)

Ladimir, Jules (19th century)
E.1939.65.1439 (printed label)

Landshut (Bavaria), Franciscans, SS. Petrus & Paulus (dissolved 1802)

167526 (printed label)

London, British Museum

Bg.1.13 (item 1: duplicate sale stamp); Bv.2.18 (duplicate sale stamp)

Los-Rios, François de (1727-1820)
Bookseller in Lyon

Bx.3.14 (book label)


M., S. M. -- see S. M. M.

Maitland, Thomas, Lord Dundrennan (1792-1851)
Scottish judge

BD7-c.16 (armorial bookplate)

Manzoni, Giacomo (1816-1889)

Ag-b.12 (label)

Martius, Carl Friedrich Philipp von (1794-1868)

Ai-a.28 (label)

McGrigor, Alexander Bennett (1827-1891)

Sp Coll 1881 (circular armorial bookplate)

Millard, James Elwin (1823-1894)

An-y.5 (bookplate)

Morante, 1st Marqués de -- see Cortina, Joaquín Gómez de la

Munich, Royal Library (now Bayerische Staatsbibliothek)

Da-b.1 (heraldic bookplate); S.M. 104 (book stamp); T.C.L. f9 (book stamp);

Museo Cavaleri -- see Cavaleri, Michele


Naples, Capuchins, S. Ephrem and B.V.M. (founded 1572, suppressed 1863)

BC33-d.8 (item 1: book stamp)

North, Frederic, Hon. (1766-1827)
5th Earl of Guilford

BD12-a.12 (armorial bookplate)


Ogle, Maurice, & Son
Booksellers, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow (1832-1871)

167530 (binder's ticket)

Olschki, Leo Samuel (1861-1940)

An-y.11 (bookseller's label); Mu38-c.17 (bookseller's label)


Padua, unidentified library

Mu36-a.12 (book stamp)

Parr, Samuel (1747-1825)

BD9-d.1 (book label)

Peiresc, Nicolas-Claude Fabri de (1580-1637)

Bl9-g.25 (woodcut monogram stamp)

Pelplin, Poland:  Seminarium Episcopale

BD7-c.1 (item1: book label)

Petershausen, near Konstanz, S. Gregorius Magnus, Benedictines

Bx.2.16 (woodcut armorial stamp); Bx.2.18 (woodcut armorial stamp)

Philadelphia, College of Physicians Library

An-y.27 (bookplate)

Polling, diocese of Augsburg, Augustinian Canons,  SS. Jacobus, Salvator et Crux (dissolved 1803)

Dn-a.3-5 (printed bookplates)

Prague, Royal Academy Library

Dn-b.7, 8 (circular bookstamp)

Pype/Pipe, Richard (16th century?)

BD9-e.12 (book stamp)


R. H.

By.2.20 (book stamp)

Rabaut-Pommier, Jacques Antoine  (1744-1820)

BD7-e.8 (book stamp)

Rappaport, Carl Ewald (firm founded 1906)

Ah-x.12 (bookseller's label)

Rawa -- see L.G.

Rawicz -- see L.G.

Regensburg, Bavaria, Benedictines, S. Emmeramus

BD9-c.8 (armorial bookplate)

Robert de Saint-Victor, Louis (1738-1822)
Counseiller au Parlement de Normandie.

251612 (armorial bookplate)

Rutherfurd (19th century)
Captain, Royal Engineers

BC17-x.1 (item 1: book label)


S. Ephrem and B.V.M. -- see Naples, Capuchins, S. Ephrem and B.V.M.

S. M. M. (16th/17th century)

An-y.19 (woodcut book stamp)

Saint-Victor, [Louis] Robert de -- see Robert de Saint-Victor, Louis

Sanvitale, Alessandro, Conte (d. 1804)

BD7-c.6 (label)

Sanvitale, Stefano, Conte (1764-1838)

BD7-c.6 (label)

Schefold, Johann Franz (1750-1828)

Af-f.81 (label and stamp)

Schöttgen, Johann Christian (1687-1751)
Biblical scholar

BC14-a.1 (item 1: engraved bookplate); BC14-a.1 (item 2: engraved bookplate); BC14-a.1 (item 3: engraved bookplate); BC14-a.1 (item 4: engraved bookplate); BC14-a.1 (item 5: engraved bookplate); BC14-a.1 (item 6: engraved bookplate)

Schweier, Amadeo -- see Svajer, or Schweier, Amadeo

Shipperdson, Edward (1780-1855)
Of Pittington Hall Garth, Co. Durham

E.1939.65.1428 (armorial bookplate (Franks 26774))

SMAV -- see Varese, Franciscan monastery of Sancta Maria Annunciata, near Lake Como

Smith, Joseph (1674-1770)

Bd.2.14 (armorial bookplate); Bg.3.8 (probably but obscured); Bh.1.18 (armorial bookplate); Bh.1.19 (armorial bookplate); Bw.2.2 (possible bookplate - obscured); Bw.3.12 (probable but obscured)

Spencer, Charles, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (1675-1722)
See ODNB, S. De Ricci, 'English collectors of books & manuscripts, 1530-1930', p. 39, and 'Bibliotheca Sunderlandiana: sale catalogue of the truly important and very extensive library of printed books known as the Sunderland or Blenheim Library. The fifth portion' (London: 1883).

E.1939.65.1430 (armorial bookplate with motto: "From the Sunderland Library, Blenheim Palace.   Purchased, March, 1883, by Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly, London")

Sussex, Duke of -- see Augustus Frederick (1773-1843)

Stockton-Hough, John (1845-1900)

An-y.27 (label)

Strahan, William (18th century)

Bw.2.3 (armorial bookplate (Franks 28330)); Bw.2.13 (armorial bookplate (Franks 28330))

Strangford, Percy Clinton Sydney Smythe, 6th Viscount -- see Smythe, Percy Clinton Sydney

Stuttgart, Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Kgl. Öffentliche Bibliothek
Founded in Ludwigsburg 1765 by Duke Karl Eugen, moved to Stuttgart 1777

167502 (armorial bookstamp and oval duplicate stamp); BD12-a.7 (armorial bookstamp and oval duplicate stamp) 

Sunderland Library -- see Spencer, Charles, 3rd Earl of Sunderland

Svajer, or Schweier, Amadeo (1727-1791)
Of Augsburg, merchant-consul in Venice, art dealer

251615 (armorial bookplate (Bragaglia 864-6))

Sykes, Mark Masterman, Sir (1771-1823)

BD7-c.12 (armorial book label); BD9-e.2 (armorial book label)

Syston Park Library, Lincolnshire

Ag-y.10 (armorial bookplate (Franks 29398) and book label); Ah-a.29 (armorial bookplate); Eg5-x.1 (armorial bookplate and label); Mu16-d.43 (armorial bookplate (Franks 29398) and book label)


T. H. (19th century)

An-y.39 (bookplate with monogram)

Taylor, John (1704-1766)

Bf.2.1 (armorial bookplate)

Thorold, Sir John Hayford (1773-1831) -- see Syston Park Library, Lincolnshire

Tibaldi, Francisci -- see Tibaldus, Franciscus

Tibaldus, Franciscus (17th/18th century)

Bg.1.16 (book label)

Trotter Brockett, John -- see Brockett, John Trotter 


Unidentified -- see Anonymous, listed at end


Varese, Franciscan monastery of Sancta Maria Annunciata, near Lake Como
For the identification of the Varese library stamp “SMAV” see Andrew G. Watson, Review of C.E. Wright 'Fontes Harleiani : a study of the sources of the Harleian collection of manuscripts..., in Journal of the Society of Archivists', 4 (1973) pp. 603-609.

T.C.L. e3 (bookstamp)


Webb, Philip Carteret (1702-1770)

Be.1.5 (armorial bookplate); Be.3.4 (armorial bookplate); Bg.2.24 (armorial bookplate); Bw.1.12 (armorial bookplate); By.2.10 (armorial bookplate)

Weihenstephan, near Freising (Bavaria), Benedictines
(founded 1021, dissolved 1803)

T.C.L. f65 (armorial bookplate)

White, Thomas Holt (1724-1797)

An-y.38 (book label)

Williams, John, Rev. (1798-1873)

An-y.9 (armorial bookplate)

Wilson, Mathew (1730-1802)
Of Eshton Hall

An-y.31 (armorial bookplate)

Wrocław/Breslau (Silesia), Augustinian Canons Regular

167514 (printed label)


Yemeniz, Nicolas (1783-1871)

An-y.34 (book label)

Young, Thomas Patrick (1727-1778)

Bw.2.1 (armorial bookplate)


Ah-a.30: evidence of a heavily erased octagonal(?) book stamp (approximately 42 x 21 mm.) on lower margin of a2r.
BC33-e.21: indistinctly printed oval armorial bookstamp with coronet on a1r.
BD9-e.1: unidentified book stamps:  two oval books stamps both so heavily inked and smudged as to be illegible.
Be.1.12 (item 2): armorial bookstamp on [h7r] (leaf [75r]) - a shield bearing three lions rampant and a sceptre(?) surmounted by a mitre and crosier.
Bv.2.12: unidentified owner (18th century): an unidentified embossed coat of arms (approximately 132 x 110 mm) is visible beneath the front pastedown.
Bx.3.26: unidentified Italian book stamp in black.
By.1.8: affixed to [a1r] is a paper label containing an unidentified printed monogram.
By.2.19: unidentified, small oval book stamp (heavily washed out).
By.3.16: unidentified book stamp in red.
Dq-a.1, 2: unidentified, three oval ownership stamps, erased.
Mu6-x.16: illegible, oval -shaped early library stamp.