Psalterium: Psalterium [Latin and German].

Add:  Nicolaus de Lyra:  Postilla [German].   Translated by Heinrich von Mügeln.

[Strassburg:  Printer of Henricus Ariminensis (Georg Reyser?), ca. 1474]
Fol.   [14 2-4110].   404 leaves, the fifth blank.
ISTC ip01066000; GW M26631; Goff P1066; BMC I 79 (IB. 862); BSB-Ink N-123.

Printed in type (1:120G) ascribed to Georg Reyser by Ohly, and tentatively to Heinrich Eggestein by Needham, Christie's, Doheny 19. BSB-Ink dates ca. 1478 from paper evidence - ISTC.

GIP number: P98
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD9-d.20 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: For a detailed description of this copy, see F.W. Ratcliffe, ‘A Strassburg incunable in the Euing Collection in Glasgow University Library’, The Bibliotheck, 3 (1962), 165-73.
Provenance: Diether vom Bremen (16th century):  ‘Diether vom bremen’ on 2/1r (f. 5r) followed by ‘Ein tütscher wolgedrückter psalter’;  remnants of lettering have survived the excision of a 1.5 cm strip from the upper margin of 2/1 - evidence of an earlier ownership(?) inscription.
Berlin, Bibliotheca Regia (Preussische Staatsbibliothek):  circular stamps, one in red ink ‘Ex Biblioth. Regia Berolinensi’ on 2/2r (f. 6r), the other in black ink ‘VEND. EX BIBL. REG. BEROL.’;  ‘dpl’ and number ‘7192’ in pencil on 2/1v.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  source unknown;  an early Euing inventory number ‘123’ in pencil on 2/1v;  a piece of paper containing Euing’s description of this copy is loosely mounted on 2/1v.
Presented by Euing, 1872.
Binding: Germany, 16th-century buff-coloured sheepskin over wooden boards;  both covers decorated with intersecting triple fillets to form a centre panel bordered by two frames, the panel divided by fillets from corner to corner to form four triangles, frames undecorated;  evidence of two fore-edge clasps, metal corner pieces and a metal centre-piece (all now lost but revealing that the leather was originally a pinkish-red colour);  spine repaired at head and foot with calf and a 19th-century leather title label added.  Parchment pastedowns are partial bifolia from a late 14th/early 15th manuscript with Biblical text in two columns, written in a regular Gothic cursive in black ink with red capitals;  the text of the front pastedown includes I Kings 3:5 and Ecclesiastes 9:3, and the text of the rear pastedown includes I Samuel 16:8 and Ecclesiasticus 26:8, 10-11;  the bifolia probably originate from some kind of service book.   Size: 311 × 222 mm.
Leaf size: 297 x 213 mm.
Annotations: A few early interlinear corrections on 30/10r (f. 285r);  15th/16th-century signatures (some cropped);  a 19th-century transcript of the missing text of quire 1 (see Imperfections) is bound in between 2/1 and 2/2;  19th-century price ‘20/-’, price code ‘K/H’, and number ‘F 17.073’ all in pencil on front pastedown;  various bibliographical annotations in German on 2/1v in more than one hand;  ‘101/5’ in pencil on 2/1v is probably a binder’s job number relating to the spine repair;  19th-century pencil code ‘c/69’ on rear pastedown.
Decoration: Nine-line initial “P” on 2/2r (f. 6r) supplied in red with reserved white;  other initials throughout supplied in alternate red and blue, sometimes with marginal flourishing;  capital strokes in red throughout;  paragraph marks in red or blue;  underlining in red.
Imperfections: Wanting quire 1. 

Berlin Royal Library stamp in Psalterium [Latin and German]