Republic of Ireland (RoI) Excellence Scholarship

Republic of Ireland (RoI) Excellence Scholarship

The RoI Excellence Scholarship of £1,000 for each year of study will be awarded to first degree entrants who have attained at Irish Higher grades H1, H1, H1, H2, H2 from the Irish Leaving Certificate for 2023 entry. Dentistry, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine applicants are not eligible for this award.


  • The RoI Excellence Scholarship will be processed as a cash payment.
  • The RoI Excellence Scholarship will be paid in 2 instalments.
  • The first payment will be in October and the second payment will be in February.

These payments will be credited to the UK bank account held on your MyCampus profile; therefore, it is vital that this is up to date at the start of the session. By submitting your bank details on the MyCampus system, you are confirming that you agree with the terms and conditions of the award.

Please see here for further information and eligibility criteria for 2024 entry.

To be eligible:

  • You must be and Irish citizen, ordinarily resident in Ireland 
  • You must be paying an annual tuition fee of £9,250
  • You must be undertaking your first undergraduate degree

If you are required to repeat any year of study, the RoI Excellence Scholarship will not be awarded for that year, however any extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. In this instance, please contact.

Eligible countries/regions

  • Ireland

Eligible programmes



How to apply

There is no application for the RoI Excellence Scholarship; information from UCAS will be used to assess eligibility.

Those selected for award will be notified by email after the beginning of the academic year.