Incunabula: language index

Incunabula: language index

All the books may be presumed to be in Latin, with the exception of texts in the following languages:


Bv.2.2 & BD7-b.10




Bg.1.1Bv.2.1 & Bv.2.12Bv.2.7; Bv.2.9Bv.2.10; Bv.2.13; Bv.2.14; Bv.2.16Bv.2.17; Bv.2.18; Bv.2.19 (item 1); Bv.2.19 (item 2); Bv.2.20; Bv.2.21Bv.2.24; Bv.2.29Bv.2.30; Bv.2.31 (item 1); Bv.2.31 (item 2); Bv.3.4; Bv.3.14


Ag-x.13; An-y.40Bg.1.11Bg.2.26; Bg.2.27; Bg.3.3Dq-b.10


163761; 895900BC14-a.1 (item 5: German translations of Latin phrases throughout); BD7-e.11; BD9-d.20; BD9-e.10; Bg.2.31; Bw.3.5 (plant synonyms); Euing Add. f52 & 4.1 BibleS.M. 1987


Ak-a.14 (some short passages only); Bc.2.1; Bc.2.23; BD7-b.4; BD12-a.8 & Bw.1.11; Be.1.8, BD9-b.11 & Bl10-c.11; Bf.1.7, 8Bf.2.4; Bf.3.5Bg.3.1; Bh.1.4; Bh.2.3; Bh.2.4 & Bh10-d.9Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10; Bh.2.6 & Bh10-d.11; Bh.2.7, 8 & Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10Bh.2.9 & Bh10-d.13Bh.2.19Bh.2.21; Bh.3.20; Bh.3.21Bh.3.26 & Bh20-a.11Bh1-d.7 & Be.2.13; Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10; Bh20-a.13 & Bh.2.15; Bl9-g.15, 16, Bc.2.25, 26 & Bb.2.29; Bw.3.25 & Bw.3.28; Bw.3.31; Bx.3.21; By.3.16 & By.3.32; By.3.23; By.3.40; By.3.41


167509Ai-a.17An-y.10 & Ah-a.73 (some poems in Italian); An-y.41; BC5-b.16BD7-e.6BD7-e.9BD7-f.8 (1 item of Italian verse); BD7-f.15; BD9-e.1; BD9-e.5; BD15-g.18Be.2.8 (item 1) & Bh.1.2 (item 1)Be.2.8 (item 2) & Bh.1.2 (item 2); Be.3.5; Be.3.7, 8Bf.1.4; Bf.1.5; Bf.1.9Bf.2.7; Bf.2.9; Bf.3.4; Bg.2.6; Bg.2.12; Bg.2.25; Bh.1.19; Bw.2.4; Bw.3.11Bw.3.15; Bw.3.17; Bw.3.19; Bw.3.26; Bw.3.33Bx.1.8; Bx.1.10 & BD12-a.11Bx.3.1Bx.3.4Bx.3.20; Bx.3.23; Bx.3.32; By.1.9, 10; By.3.10; Mu36-a.12P.3.10; RF 1183S.M. 1947; S.M. 1959


Ag-y.22; BC2-f.14Bx.3.43By.3.1