Biblia latina.

With additions by Menardus Monachus.

[Nuremberg: Johann Sensenschmidt and Andreas Frisner], 1476.
Fol. [110 210 (2/5+χ1, 2/7+χ1) 3-410 512 6-710 88 9-1510 1610 (-16/7 and 16/8) 1710 188 19-2810 298 30-3110 328 (32/8+χ1) 336 34-3510 368 37-3810 396 (39/5+χ1) 4010 418 (41/6+χ1, 2) 42-458 4610].  [438] leaves (1/1 and the final leaf of quire 41 blank). The second insert in quire 2 is half a leaf only.
ISTC ib00546000;  GW 4221;  Goff B546;  BMC II 408 (IC. 7860);  Bod-inc B-255;  CIBN B-381;  BSB-Ink B-423.

The Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum contained in quires 42-46 should perhaps be regarded as a separate work, from 1476 or 1477;  it is often found alone, or bound with other editions of the Bible - ISTC.

GIP number: B46
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Euing Da-a.2 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: Incipit on 1/2r is printed in red as in BMC and GW’s main transcription, not in black as in Bod-inc and in GW Anm.
Note: Printer’s pin-holes frequently visible.
Note: Stubs showing where 16/7 and 16/8 (ff. 159 and 160) have been excised (the latter showing vestiges of printed text).
Provenance: Unidentified Capuchin house:  partially erased inscription on 1/2r “loci Capuc: [...]”.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  written in pencil on front pastedown are Euing’s inventory number “No 40”, shelfmark “VI.x-7”, acquisition date “1854” and a partially deleted code(?) in Greek letters “Στ[...]υλλ”; source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Euing bequest, 1874.
Binding: 16th-century blind-tooled calf (heavily worn and wormed) over partially bevelled wooden boards;  both covers decorated with intersecting single and double fillets to form a centre panel bordered by three frames;  the centre panel is divided by a single fillet into lozenge-shaped compartments;  the first frame is undecorated, the second decorated with a separate lozenge-shaped floral stamp (now heavily worn), and the outer frame is undecorated;  evidence from nail holes of two clasps (both now missing);  frequent use of parchment tabs up to the Book of Micah with the names of the individual books of the Bible written on them mainly in red ink in a 16th-century hand;  leather tabs used thereafter;  rebacked in the 19th century and given new endpapers (originals not preserved).   Size: 419 × 285 mm.
Leaf size: 405 x 280 mm.
Annotations: Typographical imperfections on 34/3r and 35/1r (ff. 324r and 332r) made good in manuscript;  instructions in red ink in an early hand (relating to the inserted half leaf in quire 2) added to it and its two neighbouring leaves;  foliated in an early hand in arabic numerals, with some gaps and errors.
Decoration: Initials on 1/2r-1/7r supplied in red;  thereafter outline initials supplied in brown ink throughout, except on 18/8v-19/8r i.e. ff. 178v-186r (end of Job and beginning of Psalms) where the outline initials have a red infill, and on 30/7 i.e. f. 293 (Jonah and beginning of Micah) where initials are supplied in alternate blue and red;  capital strokes and paragraph marks supplied in red from 1/2r-25/9r (ff. 2r-247r) followed by a gap, resuming on 32/9v (f. 315v) and continuing to the final leaf.
Imperfections: Wanting the first blank (1/1) and the final blank leaf of quire 41, and all of quires 42-46 (Interpretationes Hebraicorum nominum). 

Monastic ownership inscription in Biblia latina