Border decoration/miniatures

(NB. more elaborate than pen-flourishing extending into the margins; including miniatures)

Border decoration

32275167505Ag-y.8; An-x.18; Ap-x.1BD7-b.13BD7-c.2; BD7-c.7 (item 1); BD7-c.16; BD7-d.23; BD9-a.5, 6BD9-a.9 (extracted from an illuminated vellum manuscript); BD9-a.10; BD9-a.11; BD9-b.2 (hand-coloured roundel); BD9-c.7; BD9-d.10; BD12-a.5 (damaged); BD12-a.11BD12-a.12; Be.1.2, 3Be.1.5; Be.1.6; Be.1.9; Be.1.11; Be.2.2; Be.2.3; Be.2.5; Be.2.6; Be.2.7Be.3.5Be.3.6; Be.3.7, 8Be.3.17; Bf.1.1; Bf.1.9; Bf.1.13Bf.1.15; Bf.1.18 (extensive - see Miniatures below, and Drawings); Bf.2.3; Bf.2.14; Bf.2.16Bf.2.19; Bf.3.2Bf.3.12 (unprofessional); Bf.3.18; Bf.3.19Bg.1.3; Bg.1.6; Bg.2.6; Bg.2.9; Bg.2.12; Bg.2.20 (item 1); Bg.2.25; Bg.3.21; Bh.1.3 (including underdrawing for border); Bh.1.16; Bh.1.18; Bh.1.19; Bh5-a.15Bk6-d.1; Bn6-f.15Bv.1.1Bv.1.3; Bv.1.6; Bv.1.8Bv.1.10, 11 (including hand-coloured roundels); Bw.1.13Bw.2.3; Bw.2.11; Bw.2.18; Bw.2.22; Bw.3.12; Bw.3.13; Bw.3.18; Bw.3.24; Bw.3.25; Bw.3.27; Bx.1.9Bx.1.11Bx.2.4; Bx.2.9; Bx.3.20; Bx.3.23; By.1.1By.1.2; By.1.3By.2.3; By.2.5; By.2.10; By.2.13; By.2.14; By.2.18; By.2.19By.3.3; By.3.12; Dn-b.7, 8 (including marginal banderole); Dp-b.3; Ds.2.6-7; Ds-e.14; Dt-a.9Eg6-a.11; Eg8-b.9Eg8-b.11; Eg8-b.13; Euing Add. f45Mu11-y.1; T.C.L. f4; T.C.L. f12


BD9-a.11: Boniface VIII seated on a throne, wearing the triple crown and holding a book and papal staff in his hands.
Bf.1.18: nine full-page illuminations of King David (several), a bas-de-page scene of a Fool approaching a group of courtiers, a bas-de-page decoration of putti dancing and making music, St Paul in a landscape confronting Elijah, and a trompe l’oeil architectural and landscape border with the Resurrection depicted on the lower border.
Bn6-f.15: On a1r is a historiated miniature depicting St Jerome seated at a writing desk holding a scroll, the saint flanked by a lion and at the left by a kneeling figure in grey and black.
Bw.1.6: On a2r is a historiated miniature of Pope Gregorius IX seated on a throne and holding an open book placed on a lectern.
Bw.1.12: 33 pen-and-ink drawings - probably underdrawings for incomplete miniatures.