Biblia latina.

Venice: Franciscus Renner, de Heilbronn, 1480.
Fol. & 4to. a-h10 i-l12 m-s10 t-v12 x-y10 1-610 7-1012 11-1310 1412 15-1710 1812 A-D12.  [470] leaves (D12 blank).
ISTC ib00566000;  GW 4241;  Goff B566;  BMC V 195 (IB. 19875);  Bod-inc B-275;  CIBN B-399;  BSB-Ink B-437.

GIP number: B53
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Bn6-f.15 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Bifolia 7/1.12 and 7/2.11 transposed.
Variant: a1r, col. 2, line 1:  “... quererent.” not “... quererēt.” - cf. GW. Anm.
Provenance: University of Glasgow:  source unknown;  not in A. Arthur, Catalogus impressorum librorum in Bibliotheca Universitatis Glasguensis secundum pluteorum ordinem dispositus (Glasguae:  1791);  two 19th-century Glasgow University Library shelfmarks “BM.8.14” and “Gu.7.14” transferred in typescript onto new University Library bookplate.
Binding: Scotland, rebound ca. 1990 in University of Glasgow Library Conservation Unit in full tan goatskin;  new endpapers and flyleaves;  earlier red-edging of leaves retained;  previous binding, endpapers and flyleaves unrecorded.   Size:  245 x 172 mm.
Leaf size: 232 x 163 mm.
Annotations: Occasional brief marginal annotations in Latin and underlining in 16th-century hands; partially read inscription in French on D11v “Jamards ont payé [...] 2nde Aoust 1609” and, on next line, “Les driots [i.e. droits?] au quatr [...] 1609”.
Decoration: On a1r is a historiated miniature depicting St Jerome seated at a writing desk and holding a scroll, the saint flanked at his left by a lion and at his right by a kneeling figure in grey and black (the three figures set against a backdrop of a pale blue sky and a tent-like structure of crimson fabric held aloft by two angels);  the inner margin of the same page is decorated with a five-line initial “F” and a floral border in faded green, red, purple and brown incorporating two birds;  on a3v a sixteen-line initial “I” is supplied in dull gold on a rectangular blue ground decorated with white filigree work;  numerous four to seven-line initials supplied in a variety of colours, or in dull gold, and set on square grounds of different colours decorated with filigree work;  numerous other three to six-line initials supplied in red and blue with reserved white and set on square grounds of red and blue pen-work;  numerous three-line initials and paragraph marks throughout supplied in alternate red and blue.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf D12.

Historiated miniature in Biblia latina