Rubricated headings

77723 (incipit in manuscript in red ink); 160826 (running headings); 160836167525 (running headings); Ag-x.11 (grotesque face drawn in red ink); An-x.13 (book titles added in crimson); An-y.17; Ap-x.1 (running book numbers and headings in red); Ap-x.2; Ap-x.3, 4 (running headings and book numbers); Ap-x.5, 6 (running headings and book numbers); BD7-c.2; BD7-d.11; BD7-d.21; BD9-a.5, 6 (rubrics); BD9-d.1; BD12-a.10 (running headings); BD12-a.12 (incipits, explicits and chapter headings in red); Be.1.2, 3 (incipits added in red); Be.1.4 (running titles in black or red ink); Be.1.10; Be.1.12 (item 1: running book numbers in red); Be.1.12 (item 2: foliated in red); Be.1.14; Be.2.10; Bf.1.2; Bf.1.3 (reaning 'sermo' headings and catchwords in red); Bf.2.6 (incipit in red); Bf.2.8 (book titles & chapter numbers added in crimson); Bf.2.12 (book numbers in dull red ink); Bf.3.5 (foliation in crimson ink by rubricator?); Bf.3.14; Bg.1.7 (running numbers in red); Bg.1.8 (running numbers in red); Bg.3.7; Bh5-a.15 (book numbers in blue and red); Bm1-e.8 (item 2: book title); Bv.1.7 (running book numbers and chapter headings by rubricator); Bw.1.2, 3 (chapter numbers and running headings in red); Bw.1.6 (running book numbers in red); Bw.1.12 (running chapters in red); Bw.1.13 (running headings in red); Bw.2.9 (headline book numbers added by rubricator); Bw.2.10Bw.2.12 (headline book numbers added by rubricator); Bw.2.21 (navigational letters copied into margins by rubricator); Bx.1.5 (rubric titles & book numbers added by rubricator); Bx.1.6 (book numbers and chapter headings added by rubricator); Bx.1.9 (chapter numbers and incipit in red); Bx.1.12 (chapters numbers by rubricator); Bx.2.7 (chapter headings in a crimson hand); Bx.3.31 (item 1); Bx.3.31 (item 2); Bx.3.31 (item 3); Bx.3.31 (item 4); Bx.3.31 (item 5); By.1.1 (chapter numbers in red); By.1.2 (incipits and explicits in red); By.2.10 (running headings in red); Cm.1.5 (running book numbers in red and blue); Dq-a.1, 2 (running headings in red); Dt-a.9 (running titles in red); Mu16-f.29 (2 omitted signatures added by rubricator); T.C.L. f10, 11 (chapter numbers and headings in red)