Annotations that make good defective text

Defective/missing text supplied in manuscript

167501; 167506 (occasional interlinear correction); Ai-a.22 (item 2: text corrected in ink); Al-b.19 (2 missing leaves supplied in a humanist hand); Am-z.44 (missing text of gathering AB supplied in a 16th-century hand); An-y.10 (occasional interlinear corrections);  Bc.2.1 (lines of text probably supplied in the printer's office); BC14-c.11 (item 1: erroneous headline corrected); Bd.2.14 (2 missing leaves supplied in 16th-century humanist hand); BD7-b.15 (2 missing leaves supplied in manuscript in an early hand); BD7-c.16 (hyphens added to end of lines in early hand to make good compositorial omissions); BD7-d.22 (word corrected in manuscript); BD7-f.17 (error of imposition highlighted by an elaborate bracket drawn in pen and ink); BD9-a.12 (single marginal correction); BD9-b.7BD9-b.9 (text of a missing leaf supplied by hand on two inserted leaves); BD9-d.20 (early interlinear corrections; 19th century transcript of missing text); BD12-a.12 (occasional interlinear corrections); Be.1.12 (item 1: interlinear corrections); Be.2.5 (occasional corrections); Be.2.9 (some corrections of text, and renumbering of Book numbers); Be.2.10 (occasional interlinear corrections); Be.2.11 (textual corrections); Be.2.14 (single marginal correction); Be.3.4 (marginal and interlinear corrections); Be.3.25 (corrections in Latin in a 16th-century hand in the text); Be.3.29 (item 1: frequent interlinear corrections); Bf.1.4 (imperfect text supplied in manuscript); Bf.2.6Bf.2.7 (marginal annotation added in the printer’s office); Bf.2.8 (occasional corrections to text); Bf.2.12 (interlinear corrections); Bf.2.14 (Greek added to some spaces in text left by printer); Bf.3.13 (item 1: guide letter corrected); Bf.3.13 (item 2: missing letter supplied in manuscript); Bf.3.16 (interlinear corrections); Bg.1.9 (interlinear corrections); Bg.1.12 (missing leaf supplied in manuscript); Bg.2.3 (colophon text corrected); Bg.2.11 (occasional filling-in by hand of imperfectly printed letters); Bg.2.26 (a manuscript title-page (18th century) in French has been substituted for the missing leaf A1); Bg.2.29 (no printed text on leaf d5r and the missing text has been supplied in manuscript in a 15th/16th-century hand); Bg.3.3 (occasional marginal corrections); Bg.3.6 (missing gatherings supplied in 16th-century manuscript); Bg.3.13 (occasional manuscript corrections in 17th century hand); Bh.1.3 (interlinear corrections); Bh.1.5 (some spaces for lacunae in the text filled-in in manuscript); Bh.2.14 (numerous corrections in an early hand); Bh.2.19 (single correction; some words crossed out and misnumbering corrected in the printing office?)); Bv.1.8 (occasional interlinear correction); Bv.1.12, BD9-a.2, 32275 & 4.1 Schedel (misprints and misnumbering corrected by hand in the printing office); Bv.2.10 (leaf L7 containing the colophon and printer’s device missing - the colophon is supplied in pen-and-ink facsimile); Bv.2.17 (leaf K9 containing the explicit, colophon, and printer’s device missing, supplied in manuscript); Bv.2.29 (missing text on 11/1 supplied in manuscript on inserted leaf); Bw.1.2, 3 (occasional brief corrections); Bw.1.7 & BD9-a.9 (misprints corrected in manuscript); Bw.1.13 (marginal correction); Bw.2.6 (occasional corrections); Bw.2.19 (two leaves supplied in manuscript in an early hand); Bw.3.12 (occasional corrections of text & Greek text supplied in spaces left blank by printer); Bx.2.2 (Greek added to spaces in text left by printer); Bx.2.3 (printed variant corrected by hand); Bx.2.7 (occasional corrections); Bx.2.19 (occasional corrections to text and running headings; alterations in red ink to punctuation); Bx.2.20 (occasional corrections); Bx.3.31 (item 5: word erased and replaced in manuscript); By.1.1 (early corrections);By.2.12 (interlinear corrections); By.3.16 (occasional single word corrections); By.3.19 (occasional corrections); Da-a.2 (corrections); Dr.2.11 (item 2: ocasional corrections in 17th cent hand, and interlinear corrections); Ds.2.2 (manuscript letters added to woodcuts to supplement printed letters already linking cuts to text); Dt-a.9 (occasional corrections); E.1939.65.1381 (corrections to text); Eg8-b.9 (single marginal correction in early hand); Mu51-b.16 (interlinear corrections); RCPSG: Bookstore BAR (signature X1 missing and supplied in manuscript); T.C.L. f10, 11 (interlinear corrections)

Corrections/additions to rubrication

Ac.4.5 (inserted punctuation marks); Bf.2.11 (rubrics numbered); Bm3-c.13Bw.3.12 (manuscript initials corrected); Bw.3.18Bx.3.48 (paragraph marks supplied); By.2.5 (erroneous illuminated principal initials corrected in brown ink)

Numerical corrections

Bf.3.18 (one digit altered); Bl9-g.25 (15th/16th century);