Religion and Theology

We have significant holdings relating to the history of religion and theology . These include devotional literature dating from the medieval period and thousands of early printed texts, including many Bibles, works of Biblical criticism and sermons. Many of these were acquired by the University during its early history when the emphasis on teaching was strongly oriented towards Divinity.

The collections of most relevance are listed below, but you may also locate items of interest by using the rare books search (for printed material) and the manuscripts search (for unpublished material such as medieval manuscript copies of texts and early modern papers).

General (including Christianity)

  • Thomas Chalmers: papers of a Scottish Minister, 18th to 19th centuries
  • Civil and Canon Law: includes a number of 16th century commentaries on canon law
  • Divinity Hall: library of the University of Glasgow’s Divinity Hall, including a substantial number of early printed books
  • Dumbarton Presbytery Library: some 60 theological works (mainly dating from the 17th century)
  • Eadie: books from the library of a Professor of Biblical Literature, consisting of  300 early printed books (including rare bibles and other theological works)
  • Euing: includes a collection of some 3,000 bibles, psalters, books of prayers and hymns
  • Henderson: Gaelic papers, including religious works in the 17th century Ratisbon Manuscript
  • J.S.C.: many sermons dating from 1690-99
  • McNicol: 18th century Gaelic sermons
  • Mearns: 2,000 hymnological works
  • Moffat: papers of the theologian James Moffatt (1870-1944), including letters, notes, sermons and lectures, as well as material relating to the American Standard Bible Committee
  • Ogilvie: 17th century pamphlets (many relating to the Church of Scotland) and theological books, including 59 editions of the works of the Presbyterian divine, Richard Baxter
  • Old Library: many theological works used in the curriculum of the University from its foundation in 1451, including Bibles, Biblical criticism and commentaries, works of the Church Fathers, Councils of the Church, scholastic theology, practical theology, polemical works and Church History
  • Robertson: some 4000 works of theological literature (books and pamphlets)
  • John Stirling: includes late 17th/early 18th century correspodence of presbyterian ministers in England, Ireland and the Netherlands
  • Peter Donald Thomson: sermons of the Minister Peter Donald Thomson (1872-1955)
  • Tischendorf: books and papers of renowned Biblical scholar Constantin von Tischendorf (1815-1874), including copies of his own publications
  • Trinity College Library: over 3000 early printed books from the library of the theological college for the ministry of the (then Free) Church of Scotland
  • John White: over 100 sermons and letters of the Minister John White (1867-1951)

The following book of the month articles and web exhibitions may be of interest:


  • Waddell: books and papers of Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell (1854-1938) who made a notable contribution to the history of Buddhism


  • Blau: 193 Hebrew books, comprising mainly of Talmud and Biblical commentary (many dating from the 16th century)