Material relating to education, including lecture notes and papers of some University of Glasgow staff and students, can be found in a number of our collections. However, most records documenting the history of the University and its management, staff and students, from 1451 to the present day, are held by Archive Services.

To locate lecture notes in our MS Gen sequence and other manuscripts collections, try the following search:

  • Choose Collection Search from the manuscripts search
  • Type lecture in the Word (or Phrase) box  
  • Narrow your search by date (optional)

The following collections contain holdings of school books:

To search across all our collections, by name or keyword, please use the rare books search (for printed material) and the manuscripts search (for unpublished material including notebooks, papers, photographs and drawings).

Web exhibitions, broadly relating to education, include:

  • Mathematical material belonging to Robert Simson, Professor of Mathematics, 1711-1761 (Book of the Month, October 2008)
  • University of Glasgow Old and New, commemorative history published in 1891 (Book of the Month, July 2008)
  • Early 19th century Toy Books (Book of the Month, May 2008)
  • Papers relating to the literary scholar, William Paton Ker, 19th and early 20th centuries (Book of the Month, March 2007)
  • 15th century manuscript of Euclid's Geometry (Book of the Month, June 2001)