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Listing of books alphabetically by country - town - printer. The books by each printer are then listed chronologically, earliest known first.

*asterisked items denote those books which are now considered to be printed after 1500 (but which are included in standard catalogues of incunabula).




Bachelier, Jean; and Bartelot, Pierre

Balsarin, Guillaume

Clein, Johannes

Fradin, François; and Pivard, Jean

Huss, Martin

Huss, Mathias

Philippi, Nicolaus

Philippi, Nicolaus; and Reinhart, Marcus

Sacon, Jacobus

Siber, Johannes

Trechsel, Johannes 

Ungarus, Petrus

Vingle, Jean de


Hochfeder, Caspar


Au Soufflet Vert (Louis Symonel et Socii)

Badius, Jodocus, Ascensius

Baligault, Félix

Baligault, Félix; for Gerlier, Durand

Baligault, Félix; for Gourmont, Gilles de

Barbier, Jean; for Petit, Jean

Bocard, André

Caesaris, Petrus; and Stol, Johannes

Caillaut, Antoine

Denidel, Antoine

Denidel, Antoine; and La Barre, Nicole de

  • Buridanus, Johannes Sophismata ([between 1495 and 1497])

Doliatoris, Simon

Du Pré, Jean (printer of Paris)

Gering, Ulrich

Gering, Ulrich; Crantz, Martin; and Friburger, Michael

Higman, Johannes; and Hopyl, Wolfgang

Jehannot, Etienne; for Gerlier, Durand; and Petit, Jean

Kerver, Thielmann; for Petit, Jean

La Barre, Nicole de

Le Dru, Pierre

Le Noir, Michel

  •  Poggius Florentinus Facetiae ([ca. 1514])*

Le Rouge, Pierre

  • Ockam, Guilielmus Quodlibeta (27-28 Feb. 1487/88)

Levet, Pierre

Levet, Pierre; for himself and for Coblenz, Johannes de; and for Morin, Michel

Marchant, Guy

Marchant, Guy; for Petit, Jean

Mittelhus, Georg

Petit, Jean

Regnault, François

Vérard, Antoine

Wolf, Georg


Le Talleur, Guillaume; for Pynson, Richard

Morin, Martin; for Richard, Jean


Mayer, Henricus

Turner, Henricus; and Parix, Johannes


Frommolt, Eberhard