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A-Z School directory


Head of School Prof Karen Lury 
Head of School Administration  Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Advertising (Human Resources) Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Administrative resourcing Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Affiliate appointments (including Honorary) Lisa Gallagher
Appeals – Heads of Subjects

Film and TV - Amy Holdsworth

History of Art - Clare Willsdon

Music - Eva Moreda

Theatre Studies - Dee Heddon

CCPR - Raymond Boyle 

Applications for postgraduate research study Anna Pabisz
Asset Register maintenance Lisa Gallagher
Budgets School (see Finance) Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Commercial contracts Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Complaints Officer Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Course Catalogue updates
Engagement Lead for School Dr Debbie Lewer
Estates Maintenance requests  
Estates Resources (School) Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Ethics Officers by Subject

Alexandra Ross - History of Art

Louise Harris  - Music

Lynn Whitaker - CCPR

Ian Goode - Film & TV

Vivky Price - Theatre Studies

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion  Dr Lizelle Bisschoff
External Examiners – appointments and expenses –Heads of Subject

Expenses only

Lisa Gallagher

Finance -  budgets Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Finance – analysis/transactions Lisa Gallagher
Finance – general purchasing/requisitioning     
Fire Officers – subject Administrators

Music Calum Scott

TFTS Julie Coll

CCPR Inge Sorensen

SCCA Andrew Bradburn

First Aiders


Andrew Bradburn HofA/TFTS)

Inge Sorensen (CCPR)

Anthony Sweeten and Susan Shaw (TFTS)


Graduate Student School Events Andrew Bradburn
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Honorary appointments (see also Affiliate) Lisa Gallagher
Human Resources (All HR issues) Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Internationalisation Officer

Dr Kay Dickinson

IT Support Arts IT support
Joint PhD Anna Pabisz
Knowledge Transfer Prof Mark Banks
Learning and Teaching Committee Clerk
Marketing Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Memoranda of Understanding Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Non-contracted status employees Lisa Gallagher
P&DR process (see Human resources)  
Postgraduate recruitment monitoring

Andrew Bradburn

Postgraduate research student queries (application, status, funding, progression) Anna Pabisz
PIP (see Programme approval process) Michael Bristow 
Plagiarism – Heads of Subject  
Programme approval process (postgraduate)
Programme approval process (undergraduate)
Postgraduate Committee Clerk Andrew Bradburn
Postgraduate Committee Chair Dr Sabine Wieber and Dr Cristina Delgado-Garcia
Postgraduate study space (allocation of School resources) Andrew Bradburn
Progress Reviews (postgraduate research) Anna Pabisz
Project Approval Forms Lisa Gallagher
Publicity  Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Quality and Enhancement Officer Dr John Bonehill
Recruitment (students – see Marketing)  
Recruitment (staff – see Human Resources)   
REF data collector Lisa Gallagher
Research Committee Clerk   Lisa Gallagher
Research Leave Lisa Gallagher
Research project costings
Research Project recruitment (see Human Resources)  
Room bookings
School Executive Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Scholarship availability/School ranking process Anna Pabitz
Sickness absence reporting, system updates  Lisa Gallagher
Student data Mrs Pauline McLachlan
Student course and programme enquiries   
Timetabling (Leads)

Samantha Emanuel 

Susan Shaw 

UK Borders Agency (students) Lisa Gallagher
Undergraduate administration (Honours)
Visiting Scholars and Students Lisa Gallagher
Vivas (postgraduate research) Anna Pabisz
Website (Principal Web Publishers)

Samantha Emanuel

Andrew Bradburn

Web publishing for Postgraduate Research and School Research Committee Lisa Gallagher


Administration Staff

Administration & General Enquiries

Head of School Administration

Mrs Pauline McLachlan

0141 330 7306
Senior Teaching Support Administrator

Mr Michael Bristow

0141 330 3547
Finance & Operations Administrator Lisa Gallagher 0141 330 3811
Cultural Activities Co-ordinator Vacant  -

Undergraduate Students

  • Theatre Studies - All UG levels

Susan Shaw

0141 330 5677
  • History of Art - All UG levels

Ms Carol Smith

0141 330 2892

  • Film & TV - All UG levels
Mrs Julie Coll 0141 330 3809
  • Music - All UG levels 
Ms Michelle Nicholl 0141 330 4093

Postgraduate (Taught) Students

Postgraduate Office  
  • Film & TV
  • Music
  • Theatre

Mr Andrew Bradburn

0141 330 7170

  • History of Art

Mr Tony McKay

  • Media Management

Ms Samantha Emanuel

0141 330 3806

  • Creative Industries & Cultural Policy

Ms Elaine Jamieson

0141 330 2273


Research Postgraduate Students

School of CCA Ms Anna Pabisz  0141 330 4097
International Students

Susan Shaw (UG)

Mr Andrew Bradburn (PG)

0141 330 5677

0141 330 7170

School Management Team

Head of School Prof Karen Lury  -
Deputy Head of School    
Head of Professional Services Mrs Pauline McLachlan 0141 330 7306
Director of the Centre for Cultural Policy Research (CCPR) Prof Raymond Boyle 0141 330 3812
Head of Subject: Film & TV Studies Prof Amy Holdsworth 0141 330 5625
Head of Subject: History of Art Prof Clare Willsdon 0141 330 6331
Head of Subject: Music Dr Eva Moreda Rodriguez 0141 330 2613
Head of Subject: Theatre Studies Prof Dee Heddon 0141 330 2645
Director of the Kelvin Centre for Conservation and Cultural Heritage Research Prof Christina Young  
Research Convenor Prof Mark Banks  
Learning & Teaching Convenor Dr Michael Bachmann 0141 330 6129
Postgraduate (Taught) Convenor

Dr Sabine Wieber

0141 330 5626

Postgraduate (Research) Convenor

Dr Cristina Delgado Garcia

0141 330 2746

Collaborations and Cultural Activities Convenor

Dr Dominic Paterson

0141 330 6333

School Internationalisation Officer 

Dr Kay Dickinson

SCCA Engagement Lead

Dr Deborah Lewer

0141 330 2465

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion

Dr Lizelle Bisschoff 0141 330 6542

L&T Committee

Convenor Mrs Karen Thompson 0141 330 7608
Clerk Ms Susan Shaw 0141 330 7515
Music Dr Drew Hammond 0141 330 6065
Theatre Studies Dr Michael Bachmann 0141 330 6129
Film & TV Dr David Archibald 0141 330 3807
History of Art Dr Sally Rush 0141 330 2309
Student rep. TBC -


PG Committee


Dr Sabine Wieber

0141 330 5626

Clerk Mr Andrew Bradburn 0141 330 7170
Film & TV

Dr Lizelle Bisschoff

0141 330 6542
Music Dr Iain Findlay-Walsh TBC
CCPR Dr Lynn Whitaker 0141 330 3602
History of Art Dr Deborah Lewer

0141 330 2465

Theatre Studies Dr Graham Eatough TBC
Student rep TBC  


Research Committee

Convenor Prof Mark Banks -
Clerk Ms Lisa Gallagher 0141 330 3811
Dr David McGuinness (semester 1)
Dr John Williamson (semester 2)
Theatre Studies Dr Stephen Greer -
Film & TV Prof Tim Barker -
History of Art Dr Tom Nicols 0141 330 4139
CCPR Prof Raymond Boyle 0141 330 3812
Kelvin Centre for Conservation and Cultural Heritage Research Prof Christina Young   
Postgraduate Research Student Rep Ms Chole Fyfe -

British Sign Language (BSL) users can contact the School using contactSCOTLAND-BSL