Dr Iain Findlay-Walsh

  • University Lecturer (Music)

Research interests

Research interests:

Field recording and narrative, autoethnographic music practices, sound art and soundscape composition, auditory immersion and virtual reality, phonography and urban soundscapes, record production and personal listening, emerging music formats, technologies and reception contexts.


Iain Findlay-Walsh / Klaysstarr is a sound artist, researcher and teacher who uses field recording and autoethnographic methods to explore personal listening. His work ranges across installation, performance and fixed media soundscape pieces and his releases are available across a range of labels and formats. He has previously been commissioned by Radiophrenia and Arika festivals, among others. His research has been presented across the UK, Europe and in the USA, and has been published in Organised Sound. He is a lecturer in music at the University of Glasgow and currently curates the spatial audio event series, INTER-.



  • 2014     Kenneth Elliot Postgraduate Scholarship
  • 2010     Glasgow Educational and Marshall Trust Award


  • Experimental Music Practice
  • Aesthetics and Philosophy of Music
  • Field Recording, Sound and Place
  • Composition
  • Dissertation supervision

Additional Information


  • Convenor, RMA Research Colloquia in Music series 2018-19

List of works:

  • w/hair ph<> n mus|x (2018) - CD / digital album, Entr’acte / uCorridor. 
  • Auto travelin thru flay flux fusion land holdn sum cakes i done in free time so wot? (2017) - Digital album, uCorridor. 
  • Faux départs 5 (2017) - Fixed media composition, commission for Radiophrenia, Glasgow. 
  • Topman Bag (2016) - Cassette release / exhibition, Good Press Gallery. 
  • The Closing Ceremony / Eternal Gratitude (2016) - 5.1. multichannel soundscape composition. Performed at IFIMPAC Leeds, UNFIX Glasgow, SEIF Zagreb. 
  • Its Terminal (2016 – with In Posterface) - Cassette / digital release, Winning Sperm Party. 
  • Somehere In (2014) – Audiovisual composition for smartphone, Instructional Media. 
  • 1 (2013 – with In Posterface) - Cassette / digital release, Winning Sperm Party. 
  • Horroh (2013) - CDr / digital release, Kovorox Sound. 
  • Absolutely the best ABBA since ABBA (2012) - Six track album CDr release, Unverified Records. 
  • Only Ur Pre Formance is Cult (2012 – with Amanda Monfrooe) - commissioned performance, for Episode 2: A Special Form of Darkness, Arika, Glasgow. 
  • Postface (2011) - Eight track CDr / digital release, uCorridor / Never Come Ashore. 
  • Postface 1, 2, 3 (2010) - Commissioned performance, for Instal, Glasgow. 
  • Not With Music (2010) - Multi-media installation, for Arches Live! Glasgow. 
  • A No Place (2010) - CDr / digital release, Unverified Records. 
  • You Got Me Fraiche (2002 – with Lapsus Linguae) - CD release, Fierce Panda Records. 
  • Parade! (2001 – with Lapsus Linguae) - CD single release, Fierce Panda Records.



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