History of Art Resource Centre

The History of Art Resource Centre is located on the 1st Floor, No. 7 University Gardens.

The Centre is managed by Marion Lawson.

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am - 5pm.

Closed for lunch between 1-2pm.


As an adjunct to the outstanding resources available within Glasgow University Library, the History of Art Resource and Postgraduate Centre serves the study needs of Undergraduates, Postgraduates and research and teaching staff within the Department.

The centre is administered by an information professional  who is always prepared to give advice and guidance on bibliographic matters or other resource requirements. They administer a collection of over 86,000 teaching slides, 6,000 books, selected periodical holdings and 15,000 exhibition and gallery catalogues. 

An online catalogue of the book collection is available at: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/UofGHistoryofArt.

This catalogue is in the process of being created, please contact the centre manager if you can't find what you need.

Students must pay a £3 subscription fee each year to access the Resource Centre. This fee contributes towards the purchase of new resources and can be paid when using the centre for the first time.

Books, Journals, Exhibition Catalogues and Theses 

Loan Periods

Maximum items at any time:          5 volumes

Undergraduate:   2 nights or over weekend

Postgraduate:        1 Month

Honours and Postgraduate readers are also able to consult examples of dissertation or thesis work completed by former students. These can provide a useful guide to layout and strategy for major written projects. PhD theses are held by Glasgow University Library.

IT Facilities

A small computer cluster provides links to University and Main Library services, including collection databases worldwide. The Resource Centre and Postgraduate room have Wi-fi access.


Postgraduate Study Space

Postgraduates have a dedicated room for their use containing study space, computers, a scanner and a digital projector. 

Please contact Andy Bradburn for the security code to the study space room.

History of Art Postgraduate Study Space