Postgraduate research students

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  • Adams Christopher (Music)
    Content and creation: The globally local role of the unsigned act.
  • Ahmad Normahfuzah (Media and Cultural Policy)
    24-hour News Stations and Multifarious Challenges: Balancing Quality Journalism vs Audience Needs in Contemporary Media Milieu.
  • Al Abri Abdul Nasser Ahmed Abdullah (Media and Cultural Policy)
    War reporting and military media management strategies in modern warfare.
  • Al-Ali Wafa Khalfan Rashid Burenqain (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Local News Management in the Digital Era
  • Asomatos Christos (History ofArt)
  • Atkinson Justine (Film & TV Studies)
    Representation Matters: On- and off-screen diversity within African cinema exhibition in the UK
  • Bailey Lucy (History ofArt)
    Walter Fawkes 1769-1825: A Patron of the Arts
  • Bambrough Mark (History ofArt)
    Henry Gyles, glass painter and the development of the glass transfer print
  • Barron Richard (Music)
    Setting Scots Poetry
  • Bayley Christopher (Music)
  • Beshr Hany (Film & TV Studies)
    Foreign policy in British political docudrama filmmaking (1991-2011)
  • Bin Mohamad Affendi Muhammad Amin (Film & TV Studies)
    Nationalism and multiculturalism in Malaysian Cinema
  • Bols Ingrid (Music)
    Programming choices and national culture. The case of French and British symphony orchestras.
  • Brennan Mhairi (Film & TV Studies)
    Archiving the Referendum: The Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 and the BBC Scotland Television Archive
  • Buddle Tessa (Theatre Studies)
    Utopia on Tour: exploring a contingent dramaturgy of utopia in contemporary touring theatre
  • Bull Andrew (Music)
    The Music of the Scottish Church in the 13th and 14th Centuries
  • Butucea Vlad (Theatre Studies)
    Theatrical Technologies: Challenging Gender and Sexuality in Theatre
  • Carey Richard (Music)
    Circling the Square: A practice-based interrogation of the phenomenological language of audiovisual music
  • Castle Kerr (Film & TV Studies)
    Comfort TV: Considering Everyday Television Use as a Mode of Self-Care
  • Cattigan Stephanie (Media and Cultural Policy)
    The Leverhulme Trust Collections Scholarships: Promoting the Nation: Scotland's Industrial Films
  • Chandler Alex (Film & TV Studies)
    Testing the limits of the ‘hard man’ in film: masculinity and male health behaviour in Scotland’s public health films 1934-2000
  • Chavale Areti (History ofArt)
    Artists' Resale Right and the Art Market: Evidence from British Art Auctions
  • Cleaver Jonathan (History ofArt)
    Technical innovation and the development of carpet design in the Stoddard Templeton archives.
  • Clive Rachel (Theatre Studies)
    Geodiversity and human difference: disability, landscape form and process
  • Colta Alexandra (Film & TV Studies)
    Human Rights Film Festivals: Politics, Programmes and Practices
  • Costantini Rosa (History ofArt)
    From the Golden Age to the Digital Age: Modelling and Monitoring Historic Tapestries
  • Daniels-Yeomans Finn (Film & TV Studies)
    Beyond Representation: Documenting Traumas of the World Ecology
  • Dyson-Moss Gillian (Theatre Studies)
    Is there a contemporary feminist uncanny? An investigation into the relationship between object and performer in solo performance art.
  • Findlay Jack (Music)
    John Field and the influence Russian music culture had on his compositions.
  • Flynn Adam (History ofArt)
    Convincing Fictions: Visual Representations of Monstrosity in Late Medieval and Early Modern Northern European Art
  • Fung Helena (History ofArt)
    From East to West and Back Again: A critical review of the cross-cultural consumption, collecting and historiography of Chinese ‘classic’ furniture from the Ming and early Qing dynasties.
  • Fyfe Andrew (Music)
    Adaptive Tools in Immersive Digital Music Performance
  • Gabriel Robert (Film & TV Studies)
    Socio-Economic Ideology in Contemporary ‘Tween’ Television Programming
  • Gates Samuel (Theatre Studies)
    Shakespeare, Johnson and The Tempest: The Significance of the Ariel Songs
  • Gilbert Ruth (Film & TV Studies)
    Representing Minor Histories: Contemporary Womens Filmmaking and the Archive.
  • Gillies Olga (History ofArt)
    Analysis of the ethics of discourse used around the restitution of the colonial era objects from the Hancock Museum.
  • Gron Helene (Theatre Studies)
    Migration and Home/lessness: Playwriting in a Globalised World
  • Haag Manon (Film & TV Studies)
    Screen Tourism as Heritage Tourism
  • Hart Katie (Theatre Studies)
    Politics, Theatre and National Identity: Scottish Women 1997-2017
  • Hill Katrina (History ofArt)
    Complicated Objects: Chinese Imperial Artefacts in Victorian Britain
  • Holton Simon (Theatre Studies)
    Artist Collectives and Collective Art Practices in UK Live Art in the Years of Austerity Politics (2010-2018)
  • Hong Ju-Lee (Music)
    Musical diplomacy: Isang Yun’s music in the context of the Cold War
  • Irretier Juliette (Film & TV Studies)
    Going to a Better Place - A Transnational Analysis of Film-Induced Travel from Germany to Scotland
  • Jan Oli (Music)
    Experimental Music Theatre and Embodied Cognition
  • Jardine Dylan (Music)
    The Work-Concept Revisited
  • Jarvis Andrew (Film & TV Studies)
    British Cinema, Neoliberalism and the Poetics of Crisis
  • Jenkins Abigail (Film & TV Studies)
    The Big Picture: Fat Women in Film and Television
  • Kamleitner Katharina (Film & TV Studies)
    Negotiating Women’s Film Festivals on the Festival Circuit – Theory and Practice
  • Kamza Assel (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Nation Branding: a Kazakhstan case study
  • Kealy Oisin (Film & TV Studies)
    Human Rights Film Festivals in the Global South
  • King Rose (History ofArt)
    Women in Venetian Renaissance Painting from Giorgione to Tintoretto: Gender, Archetypes, Tradition and Style 
  • Kirton Jon-Luke (Music)
    Investigating the other and the self, a phenomenological approach to pianist's lived experience of techniques in George Crumb's Makrokosmos I&II for amplified piano
  • Knotts Jennifer (Theatre Studies)
    Play/writing histories: Navigating the Personal, Public and Institutional stories of theatre space: An Architextural study of the Citizens Theatre.
  • Kovacs Nicole (Theatre Studies)
    “The phenomenal moment: A study in the phenomenological interaction between actor, audience imagination, and space; explored through a methodology of Meisner technique and reinterpreting Kabuki theatre aesthetics”
  • Kubicka Hanna Karolina (Film & TV Studies)
    Seeing Yourself in Film and Television Characters: Identification as Fiction’s Connection to Real Life
  • Lee David George (Music)
    Works in Progress: Vocation, Labour, The Act of Musical Composition and Early Modern Lutheranism
  • Leomo Kevin (Music)
    Portfolio of Compositions: A practice-based investigation of cross-cultural composition
  • LI SIQI (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Value of British Chinese-language Media in Social Media
  • Linster Lisi (History ofArt)
    Receiving the Body: How is the reception of twenty-first century encounters with the human form shaped by intervisual references to medieval representations of the exposed body?
  • Lyon Carter Elizabeth (History ofArt)
    Theory and practice of Spanish Golden Age art in Sir William Stirling Maxwells collection and scholarship: A case study Carduchos Self Portrait and Dialogos de la Pintura
  • Lyon Rachel (History ofArt)
    'Imitatio as method: reading, writing and the un-becoming of the mystic self'
  • Mailley-Watt Karen (History ofArt)
    Glasgow Girls Revisited: Designing, Making and Exhibiting Women's Industrial Design of the Gilded Age
  • Mango Carolyn (Film & TV Studies)
    Presence of African Women in the Screen Industry. A Case Study of Kenyan Women in the Screen Industry.
  • Markey John (Music)
    The use of music in the construction of sectarian identities in west-central Scotland
  • Massie Daniel (Film & TV Studies)
    Understanding Support: Supporting female film performances, The Academy Awards, and Audio-Visual essays
  • Maxwell Christopher (History ofArt)
    A Delicate Legacy: Understanding World War II Era Provenance at the Corning Museum of Glass
  • Maxwell Hailey (History ofArt)
    ‘Art of Atheology: the interwar collaborations of George Bataille.’
  • McBride Leah (History ofArt)
    Figuring the Atrocious: Trauma Representation in Contemporary Art Practice
  • McCluskey Ann (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Where Cultural Nationalism Meet Broadcasting Politics: Scottish Arts Programming and the Values of the Public Sphere.
  • McGregor Aaron (Music)
    The violin in Scotland from its beginnings to 1750.
  • McIntyre John (Film & TV Studies)
    Posthuman Authorship: Authorial Agency, Machine Creativity, and the Role of Technology in Digital Media Production
  • Milliken Conner (Theatre Studies)
    Queer History-Making in Performance: Interrogating Scotland’s Narrative of Liberalisation
  • Muryn Wiktoria (History ofArt)
    Inside and beyond the Visitation – community, motherhood and devotion in late medieval German convents
  • Neilson Toby (Film & TV Studies)
    Ecological Imaginaries: Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema in the Anthropocene
  • Ngai Kate (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Embracing the Small Screen: How individuals become involved, engaged and immersed in fiction television series
  • O'Neill Erica (History ofArt)
    Tristan Tzara: Avant-Garde Performance and Exhibition Practice and the Emergence of the Performance/Theatre Dialectic.
  • Orleans Elzbieta (Music)
    Apparition: The Adaptation of Archival Image and The Doctrine of Moral Rights in a Post-Digital Aesthetic
  • Ouyang Jingmei (Film & TV Studies)
    Representations of China in Transnational Documentary Cinema
  • Peng Yun (Film & TV Studies)
    Role of Gender: how does the eSports culture influence females' participation in eSports
  • Persson Disa (History ofArt)
    'Documents and the Social: A Contextualisation of a Critical Text'
  • Pinna Daniele (History ofArt)
    Venetian Art and Counter-Reformation
  • Pollick Johanna (History ofArt)
    The motif of the wound as a well in art, literature and devotional practice in late medieval England
  • Quercetti Ferruccio (Music)
    The Great Italian Mistake First wave punk in Italy between 1977 and 1980
  • Rao Qinghong (History ofArt)
    Rivers and Mountains: a Research about British and Chinese Landscape Painting
  • Ren Baihua (History ofArt)
    The Water Mill – Authentication of Jiehua
  • Ritchie Andrea (Music)
    The Relationship between the Music of Film and Filmic Representations of Reality
  • Rossi Maria (History ofArt)
  • Sánchez Villavicencio Daniel (History ofArt)
    Understanding Flexible Painted Textiles through the Characterisation of Glasgow Museums’ George Kenning’s Banners
  • Scott Calum Collinson (Music)
    Computer mediated physicality in Sound Art practice
  • Shutt Helen (Theatre Studies)
    Play/writing Participation: Textual techniques employed by the playwright to create space for audience participation and co-authorship in performance
  • Singh Kathryn (Theatre Studies)
    ‘Silent Voices Speak’ Exploring the experiences of South Asian women in Scotland through community engagement and playwriting.
  • Stutter Joshua (Music)
    A modern study of Thirteenth–century Organa and Motet
    The guitar performance practice during the second and third decades of twentieth century in Spain, focusing at the musical output of Generacion del '27
  • Stynes Jayne (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Negotiation of support networks: Women in music
  • Tuka Peter (History ofArt)
    Avant-Garde and Post-War Totalitarianism: Július Koller and Conceptual Art under Communism
  • Visser Tess (History ofArt)
    An examination and comparison of the materials and techniques used by the Glasgow Boys and Matthijs Maris in late nineteenth-century Britain.
  • Vlcek Schurr Jennifer (History ofArt)
    The Art and Patronage of Abbess Cunegund's Passional: Discovering Traits and Identities
  • Wagner Alessio (Music)
    Portfolio of Compositions
  • Wang Linfeng (Music)
    Exploring the Localisation of Jazz Music in Mainland China: From the Perspectives
  • Wang Xiaodi (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Implications of Digital Convergence for Television
  • Wilson Francis Marion Moseley (Theatre Studies)
    (Un)Sanitizing Death as Process: Bodies and Boundaries through Performing Taxidermy
  • Wu Jun (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Multiplatform Strategies in China
  • WU YUE (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Second screen in China: football viewing experience and Sina Weibo
  • Zhao Haoyang (History ofArt)
    Collecting objects from the Summer Palace in the mid-late 19th century British collections, the transformation of identities, receptions and outcomes.
  • Zhou Yu (Film & TV Studies)
    Reminding the history of pain: A comparative study between films about the Nanking Massacre and the Holocaust
  • Zhu Yanling (Media and Cultural Policy)
    Managing Local Cultural Programmes during Economic and Policy Changes
  • Ziegler Molly (Theatre Studies)
    Staging Madness: representations of madness on the early modern English stage