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About us

The Marketing Cluster produces high quality research in the areas of marketing management, consumption and markets, and technology and analytics. Cluster members work in collaboration with a number of policy and professional groups across government, NGOs and business to translate quality research into knowledge exchange and impact in practice. As a group we hold a number of international visiting positions and editorial roles. We hold regular workshops, seminars and discussions across the themes of publishing, research funding, and knowledge exchange and impact in marketing. 

Our research themes

Marketing Management

In Branding, we examine consumer brand relationships and brand communities, brand engagement, brand equity as well as brand positioning and strategy (Cleopatra Veloutsou, Jan Breitsohl, Anna Morgan-Thomas, Kalliopi Chatzipanagiotou, Alison Gibb, Nilay Balkan). We analyse consumer behaviour, human branding and co-branding (Parichehr Riahi Pour) and consumer insight (Alison Gibb). We also research ethics in relation to branding, particularly the impact on health and branding and marketing histories (Thomas Anker, Ozlem Sandikci Turkdogan) and sustainable strategies (Melea Press).

In Services, we look at consumer behaviour and new service development across services marketing, retailing and hospitality (Kalliopi Chatzipanagiotou). We also investigate service dominant logic, value co-creation and engagement in services (Jaylan Azer).

Consumption and Markets

In Ethics and Sustainability, we research consumption ethics, engaging with business, government and NGOs. This includes consumer perspectives of sustainable fashion circular economy, modern day slavery, urban space and food (Deirdre Shaw, Katherine Duffy, Stephanie Anderson, Melea Press). We also apply ethical thinking and theory of knowledge to practical problems in marketing/consumer behavior, including analyses of alcohol advertising, food and tobacco labelling and packaging (Thomas Anker).

In Culture and Society, we research the socio-cultural dimensions of value and considerations of alternative markets (Katherine Duffy, Melea Press). We explore issues in the consumption of space/place and community as well as material cultures of the past (Stephanie Anderson, Amy Goode). We address the sociocultural dimensions of consumption with a focus on the relationship between globalisation, marketing and culture (Ozlem Sandikci Turkdogan).

In Consumer Behaviour, we explore consumer decision making in digital, emerging and futuristic environments (Alena Kostyk).

In Business to Business, we use science, technology and ethnography to understand the interactions of markets and economic exchange (John Finch).

Technology and Analytics

We research the digital transformation of marketing practice, focusing on digital innovation, entrepreneurship, algorithmic management and digital brand communities (Cleopatra Veloutsou, Anna Morgan-Thomas, Jan Breitsohl).

We investigate applications of probabilistic modelling and deep learning algorithms in business and marketing (Bowei Chen).

We also research aspects of the digitalisation of consumer culture, consumption, social media and artificial intelligence (Stephanie Anderson, Jaylan Azer, Kalliopi Chatzipanagiotou, Katherine Duffy, Alena Kostyk, Nilay Balkan, Jan Breitsohl, Deirdre Shaw).