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Applied Economics

About us

The Applied Economics Research Cluster concentrates on some of the most pressing policy issues of our time. These span from poverty, inequality and disadvantage to migration, climate change and crime, among others. Applied economists at the Adam Smith Business School work on various fields, such as labour, development, health, financial and behavioural economics. Our work explores some of the most fundamental theoretical questions in economics and tests them with quantitative and empirical applications. Our research, teaching and practice are clearly interdisciplinary and employ a wide range of different research methods. We work with colleagues in related sciences, such as sociology, law, history, psychology, politics and health studies. We also host a weekly research seminar series which is open to speakers from all disciplines. Importantly, our work focuses on generating societal impact by influencing business and public policy interventions based on rigorous evidence. Through our research, we seek to contribute to an efficient, equitable and sustainable future.