Petrus Lombardus: Glossa in Epistolas Pauli.

[Esslingen: Conrad Fyner, not after 8 Sept. 1473]
Fol. [1-410 512 6-910 10-118 12-2010 218]. [206] leaves.
ISTC ip00475000; Goff P475; BMC II, 512 (IC. 8914); Bod-inc P-218.

Accession number: 160836
Note: The final two gatherings are composed of ten and eight leaves respectively as in the Bod-inc copy, not eight and ten leaves as in BMC.
Provenance: Henricus Neythart/Heinrich Neidhart (fl. 1520), chaplain of S. Michael, Donaurieden, Baden-Württemberg: inscription on 21/8v (f. 206v) “In honore[m] sanctissime Trinitatis gloriosissimeq[ue] virginis Mariae om[n]i[um]q[ue] s[an]ctor[um] proque salute a[n]i[m]e sue Venerabilis Artium m[a]g[iste]r clarissi[mus] D[omi]n[u]s Henricus Neythart sacellanus Eccl[es]ie Michael[is] in thonawriede Hunc libru[m] donauit Monasterio Canonicor[um] Regulariu[m] In insulis appelato Ciuitatis Vlmenis pro com[m]uni vtilitate p[at]r[u]m & fr[atru]m eiusdem coenobij Anno domini 1520 Ipso die S Anne Vidue matris Beatissime genetricis Mariae”.
Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Wengenkloster, Augustinian Canons; founded 1183, dissolved 1803: inscription “Exempti Collegii Wengensis Ulmae” on 1/1r.
James Morison (1816-1893), United Secession minister and a founder of the Evangelical Union: source unknown.
Mitchell Library, Glasgow: purchased Morison’s theological library in 1894.
Binding: Germany, 16th-century pigskin (varnished) over wooden boards. The front cover is decorated with a fillet to form five concentric rectangles. The inner rectangle, which is divided by diagonal fillets into four triangles each containing a lozenge-shaped stamp of a double-headed eagle, has the names of the contents of the book added in ink (“Ad romanos”, “Corinthios”, etc); the second rectangle is decorated with a repeated rectangular foliate stamp; the third rectangle is decorated with a lozenge-shaped stamp of a lion and a small six-petalled rosette; the fourth rectangle is decorated with a repeated “maria” scroll; the fifth rectangle is undecorated. The rear cover is divided by a fillet into six concentric rectangles and is similarly decorated, using the same stamps as on the front cover, without the “maria” scroll but with the addition of a lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lys stamp and a roll of a bar entwined with foliage. The spine is undecorated but with a red leather title label added at a later date. Two brass and leather clasps with catch plates on the front board. Endpapers have watermark of a tête de boeuf surmounted by a crown, which is in turn surmounted by a five-petalled flower. Leather index tabs. Size: 434 x 297 mm.
Leaf size: 409 x 286 mm.
Annotations: Very occasional marginal annotations and pointing hands in a 15th/16th-century hand; gatherings numbered in lower margin in arabic numerals in an early hand in brown ink; rubric written in red on 1/1r.
Decoration: A few principal initials supplied in red on a square ground of brown pen-work, but the majority are in green on a square ground of red pen-work; smaller initials, paragraph marks, underlining and capital strokes supplied in red throughout.
Imperfections: None.


Petrus Lombardus: Glossa in Epistolas Pauli: Binding