Vincentius Bellovacensis: Speculum naturale.

[Strassburg: The R-Printer (Johann Mentelin and Adolf Rusch), not after 15 June 1476]
Part I: [1-210 38 4-1210 138 14-1910 208 21-3010 31-328 33-3810].  [370] leaves (1/1, 38/10 blank).  Part II: [18 2-1410 156 168 17-3210 33-348].  [328] leaves (34/8 blank).
ISTC iv00292000; GW M50635; Goff V292; BMC I 64 (IC. 682); Bod-inc V-139; CIBN V-191; BSB-Ink V-206.

GIP number: V31
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Ferguson Ap-x.3, 4 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: The hand-stamped signatures printed very low down in the bottom right-hand corner in some copies (cf. Walsh 77) are not visible in this copy. 
Note: The two parts bound separately. 
Provenance: John Ferguson (1837-1916), Professor of Chemistry, University of Glasgow: source unknown; initials and acquisition date “JF. 23. IIJ. 83” in pencil on front pastedown of volume I; annotation “S 13026” in pencil by Ferguson on rear pastedown of volume I; from the uniform bindings and shelfmark annotations, presumably bought as a set with Ap-x.5, 6 (Vincentius Bellovacensis, Speculum historiale. [Strassburg]: Johann Mentelin, [1473]).
University of Glasgow: Ferguson collection purchase, 1921.
Binding: Late 18th-century russia;  covers bordered with triple gold fillets;  gold-tooled spines;  dark green-edged leaves;  uniform with the binding on Ap-x.5, 6 (Vincentius Bellovacensis, Speculum historiale.  [Strassburg]:  Johann Mentelin, [1473]).   Size:  485 x 340 mm. 
Leaf size: 468 x 321 mm. 
Annotations: Marginal annotations in a 16th-century hand from quires 14-36 of part I (none in part II);  occasional evidence of early manuscript signatures in both parts;  slight evidence in part I of numbering of quires in arabic numerals in an early hand in top right-hand corner of first recto;  18th/19th-century shelfmarks on front free endpapers:  “LL.1.3” in ink in volume I, scored through and replaced in pencil with “73.G.4”, “LL.1.4” in volume II replaced with “73.G.5”;  number “365” in pencil in a 19th-century hand on front pastedown of volume I and number “325” in pencil on front pastedown of volume II. 
Decoration: On 1/2r of part I a twelve-line initial “Q”, which is supplied in red and blue with reserved white, is set within a frame of greenish-blue and red pen-work which extends into the inner margin, and, within the body of the initial, foliate decoration in red pen-work with reserved white on a brownish-yellow background;  other principal initials supplied in a similar style throughout in both parts;  smaller initials and paragraph marks supplied throughout in alternate red and blue;  capital strokes in red throughout;  running book numbers supplied in red and blue, running headings in red. 
Imperfections: Wanting the first and final blank leaves of part I;  wanting the final blank leaf of part II. 

Decorated initial in Vincentius Bellovacensis: Speculum naturale