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Listing of books by authors (surname order). This indexes the main work in each book. Many incunables also include other works by different authors; other contributors, including the authors of "minor" works may be accessed via the Authors/editors/translators etc index.

Headings used are mainly those favoured by ISTC.

Those books where authorship is unknown are listed under Anonymous. Those books with no main author (i.e. collections of different works brought together) are listed under Collective works/titles (no main author). For cross references from variant author names, see the Authors/editors/translators etc index.

*asterisked items denote those books which are now considered to be printed after 1500 (but which are included in standard catalogues of incunabula).


Lactantius, Lucius Coelius Firmianus

  • Opera (Rome:  Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, 1468) [2 copies]
  • Opera ([Venice]  Adam de Ambergau, 1471)
  • Opera ([Venice]:  Vindelinus de Spira, 1472)
  • Opera (Rostock:  Fratres Domus Horti Viridis ad S. Michaelem, 9 Apr. 1476) [2 copies]
  • Opera (Venice: Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen, 27 Aug. 1478)
  • Opera (Venice: Andreas de Paltasichis and Boninus de Boninis, de Ragusia, 12 Mar. 147[9])

Lambertus de Monte

Lascaris, Constantinus

  • Erotemata [Greek] (Venice: Aldus Manutius, Romanus, 28 Feb. 1494/95;  8 Mar. 1495)

Latini, Brunetto

Leo I, Pont. Max

  • Sermones ([Rome:  Johannes Philippus de Lignamine, before 21 Sept. 1470]) [2 copies]
  • Sermones (Rome:  Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, [after 21 Sept.] 1470)
  • Sermones [Italian] (Florence: [Antonio di Bartolommeo Miscomini], 21 May 1485)

Leonardus de Utino

Leonicenus, Nicolaus

Leonicenus, Omnibonus.

Liber, Antonius

Lilius, Zacharias

Limos, Andreas

Livius, Titus

Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus

  • Pharsalia (Venice:  Guerinus, 14 May 1477)
  • Pharsalia ([Verona:  Giovanni and Alberto Alvise, 1478-79])
  • Pharsalia (Parma:  Deiphoebus de Oliveriis, 22 May 1483)

Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri

Lucianus Samosatensis

Lucretius Carus, Titus

Ludolphus de Saxonia

Ludolphus de Suchen

Lydgate, John