Leonicenus, Omnibonus: Commentum in Ciceronis De oratore.  

Preceded by De laudibus eloquentiae.

Vicenza:  [Johannes de Reno?], 22 Dec. 1476.
Fol.   a6 b-c10 d-e8 f6 g10 h-i8 k6 l8 m6 n-q8 r6 ſ6 ſſ6 s6 χs8 t8 u10.   [176] leaves.
ISTC il00171000;  GW M27813;  Goff L171;  BMC VII 1041 (IB. 31765);  Bod-inc L-089;  CIBN L-153;  BSB-Ink O-48.

Title taken from BSB-Ink (ISTC, GW and other authorities have Commentum in Ciceronis Oratorem, following Leoniceno’s mistaken belief that the work he was commentating on was Cicero’s Orator rather than his De oratore).

Assigned to Leonardus Achates de Basilea by Hain.

GIP number:  L20
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunter Bg.3.10 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Printer's pin-holes visible.
Provenance: Donà dalle Trezze family, Venice:  painted coat of arms in lower margin of b1r:  troncato al primo d’argento, al secondo fasciato d’azzurro e d’oro di quattro pezzi, the shield supported by two dolphins each speared with a crowned lance;  the arms are repeated in the lower margin of a2r but without the dolphins.
Fini Pola, House of (16th/17th-century), Italy:  inscription on a2r “Di Casa Fini Pola”.
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist:  source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Hunterian bequest 1807;  Hunterian Museum bookplate and book label on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “X.3.13”.
Binding: Italy, 18th-century parchment;  red leather title label on spine;  green-edged leaves;  green silk bookmark.   Size:  292 x 205 mm.
Leaf size: 288 x 197 mm.
Annotations: Occasional nota marks in quire a;  signature g2, mis-signed by the printer “b2”, is corrected in pen-and-ink.
Decoration: On a2r a six-line epigraphic initial “Q” is supplied in purple pen-work, the body of the initial decorated with the head and shoulders of a helmeted man holding a spear.  On b1r a ten-line epigraphic initial “C” is supplied in purple pen-work, and astride the initial is a horse standing on grassy ground and bearing a nude male rider who holds a banner with the initials “S.P.Q.R.”;  the rider’s shield lies on the grass, from which his helmet is suspended in the inner margin, and a cornucopia extends from the ground into the upper margin.  Painted coat of arms in the lower margins of a2r and b1r (see Provenance above).  A four-line initial “Q” on a5r, a six-line initial “M” on g1r, and a six-line initial “I” on χs1r are supplied in red.
Imperfections: None.

Historiated epigraphic initial in Leonicenus, Omnibonus: Commentum in Ciceronis Oratorem