Academic administrative roles

Below is a list of the individual administrative roles undertaken by academics within the School, split into broad categories.


Director of Research Professor Nikolaj Gadegaard
Director of Impact Professor Massimo Vassalli
Postgraduate Research Professor Marc Sorel
Head of Research Division (Autonomous Systems & Connectivity) Professor David Flynn
Head of Research Division (Biomedical Engineering) Professor Huabing Yin
Head of Research Division (Infrastructure & Environment) Professor Sondipon Adhikari
Head of Research Division (Electronics & Nanoscale Engineering) Professor Hadi Heidari
Head of Research Division (Systems, Power & Energy) Dr Steven Neale
Deputy Head of Research Division (ASC) Dr Dezong Zhao
Deputy Head of Research Division (BME) Dr Julien Reboud
Deputy Head of Research Division (ENE) Professor Vihar Georgiev and Professor Antonio Badolato
Deputy Head of Research Division (I&E) Professor Cindy Smith
Deputy Head of Research Division (SPE) TBC
JWNC Executive Director Professor John Marsh
Challenge Champion (Connecting People) Dr Qammer Abbasi
Challenge Champion (Healthcare Technologies) Dr Julien Reboud
Challenge Champion (Quantum Technology) Professor Douglas Paul
Challenge Champion (Zero Carbon) Professor Zhibin Yu
Internationalisation Lead Dr Kiran Ramesh



Director of Learning & Teaching Professor Scott Roy
Deputy Director of Learning & Teaching Professor Fiona Bradley
PGT Convener Dr Rami Ghannam
Head of Discipline (Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering) Dr Ian Taylor
Head of Discipline (Biomedical Engineering) Dr Henrik Gollee
Head of Discipline (Civil Engineering) Professor Fiona Bradley
Head of Discipline (Electronics & Electrical Engineering) Dr Euan McGookin
Head of Discipline (Mechanical Engineering) Dr Phil Dobson
Chief Advisor of Studies Dr Douglas Thomson
Senior Adviser (Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering) Dr Richard Green
Senior Adviser (Biomedical Engineering) Dr Manlio Tassieri
Senior Adviser (Civil Engineering) Mrs Linda Brown
Senior Adviser (Electronics and Electrical Engineering) Professor Vihar Georgiev
Senior Adviser (Mechanical Engineering ) Dr Paul Prentice
Senior Advisor for Postgraduate Studies Dr Euan McGookin


Committee convenership

Engineering Growth Estates Group Professor Andrew McBride
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group Professor Cindy Smith
Industrial Advisory Board
IT Committee  Dr Angela Busse
Learning & Teaching Committee Professor Scott Roy
Safety Committee  Dr Julien Reboud
School Executive Group Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez
School Management Board Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Postgraduate research

PGR Convener Dr Marc Sorel
PGR Discipline Deputies

Autonomous Systems and Connectivity

Dr Craig White and Professor Lei Zhang

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Alasdair Clark (Deputy PGR Convenor)

Infrastructure and Environment

Dr Ankush Aggarwal and Dr Junlong Shang

Electronics and Nanoscale Engineering

Dr Giorgos Georgiou

Systems, Power and Energy

Dr Daniel Mulvihill and Dr Ying Liu

Other champions and coordinators

Academic medals/prizes committee Professor Robert Hadfield
Careers Contact tbc
Complaints Dr Craig White
GIC Subject Moderator tbc
Library Liaison  Dr Matteo Ceriotti
Media Champion tbc

Plagiarism Co-ordinator

Professor Alasdair Clark
Quality Assurance and Enhancement Officer Dr Rami Ghannam
Student Recruitment Lead (UG and PGT) Dr Donald Ballance
Web Coordinator

Dr Jim Sharp