School contacts and other useful information

The first section below includes local contacts for a wide variety of School business from business cards to safety; the second section provides local contacts for a range of University and School IT systems.

General contacts and useful information

Query TypeContact Information
Financial Management 
School budget; 
Expenses and financial transactions 
Bespoke equipment requisitions 
General Administration  
Account (email and IT username) 
Building maintenance and repairs 
Building repairs - urgent 0141 330 6000
Building repairs - urgent out of hours 0141 330 4444
Business cards 
Computer problems / hardware faults 
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion / Athena SWAN 
Exam support 
Graduation support (prizes and receptions) 
Inaugural and prestigious lecture arrangements 
IT, shared drives, directory structure 
Keys (staff)  
Local area fire officer(s)  
Out of hours access (staff card activation) 
PGR enquiries 
PGT programmes support 
Photocopier toner / paper Option: School Specific - JWSE Facilities - submit a request
Pull Printing 
Room bookings - CRB 
Room bookings - local; 
School Office 
Stationery Supplies kept in Teaching Office, JWS and Finance Office, Rankine Building
Student conduct support 
Student recruitment events (open days, applicant visa days, offer holder events)
Student societies support
Teaching Office 
Telephone maintenance 
Timetabling and class scheduling 
TNE operational support 
Undergraduate programmes support 

Bespoke and University IT systems contacts

For all Bespoke and University IT systems related queries - including Agresso, Moodle, MyCampus, Qlikview, Sharepoint, etc - please submit a Helpdesk request.

Email lists

This section provides details of common email lists and aliases. 

Staff and PGR

All staff in the School 
Academic staff 
Research staff
School administration and secretaries (i.e. Res-, Teach-, and School- office staff) 
School Technicians 
IT Staff – for 'broadcast' information emails, not support (for support use
All staff and PGRs in the School 
All research students in the School 

Research Divisions

Details Email 
ASC all staff 
BME all staff  
ENE all staff 
I&E all staff  
SPE all staff  
ASC Academic staff   
BME Academic staff  
ENE Academic staff  
I&E Academic staff  
SPE Academic staff  
ASC PhD students  
BME PhD students 
ENE PhD students 
I&E PhD students 
SPE PhD students 

Seminar coordinators

ASC Dr Kiran Ramesh - 
BME Dr Julien Reboud - 
I&E Dr Ankush Aggarwal -; Dr Prashant Saxena - 
ENE Dr Chong Li - 
Centre for Medical and Industrial Ultrasonics Dr Manish Jain - 
Materials and Manufacturing Research Group Dr Phil Harrison - 
Space and Exploration Technologies Research Group Dr Matteo Ceriotti - 
Energy and Sustainability Research Group Dr Guanchen Li - 

Students and Teaching

All UG students in the School 
All PGT students in the School 
Aero Staff via Teaching Discipline 
Bio Staff via Teaching Discipline 
Civil Staff via Teaching Discipline 
Elec Staff via Teaching Discipline 
Mech Staff via Teaching Discipline 


Weekly Advisory Group 
School Executive Group 
Academic Board 
Engineering Growth Estates Group 
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group