Our research projects

Our research projects

Staff within School of Education belong to one of five research groups.

Creativity, Culture and Faith

A Healthier Scotland

  • Towards a training model for effective ethical translation in health care settings in Scotland

Researching Multilingually

  • Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law and the State

Professional learning and leadership

Social Justice, Place and Lifelong Education

Lifelong Learning in Palestine

  • Initiating lifelong learning discourse and practice right across the West Bank and Gaza

Scottish Network for Able Pupils (SNAP)

  • Researching, designing and developing opportunities for school children with high abilities

  • Supporting those working with and affected by drug and alcohol misuse

Young People's Leadership

  • Sustaining and extending personal and community impact 

The Making of the 'Precariat'

  • Unemployment, insecurity and work-poor young adults in harsh economic conditions

PASCAL universities regional engagement (PURE)

  •  Improving what happens in regions, continuing and sustaining good practices

PASCAL Universities for a Modern Renaissance (PUMR)

  • Building strategic partnerships to secure improvement to regional competitiveness


  • DISCUSS brings together stakeholders, experts and practitioners in lifelong learning in order to jointly find answers and identify solutions to the most urging issues and to improve the problem solving capacities of local networks for lifelong learning.

Higher Education and Innovation

  • The overall aim of the study will be to contribute to the better understanding of recent developments affecting higher education and offer evidence on how innovation can support higher education in times of change.

Urban Big Data Centre

  • The Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC) in the University of Glasgow is a unique UK ESRC-funded research centre to address social, economic and environmental challenges facing cities.

LETAE - Reinforce the Labour Efficiency of Tertiary Adult Education at Universities

  • The new project started in November 2013, funded under the EC's LLP, Erasmus Multilateral Partnerships aims to study the TLL strategies of higher education institutes to improve the quality of work of learners and the quality of their work performance.

Tertiary Higher Education for People in Mid-life (THE-PM)

  • The main challenges of the ageing knowledge economy are constant upgrading of the skills of the active population and mitigating new and old social risks. People in mid-life is increasingly exposed to risks of exclusion from the labour market and lifelong learning.

Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

The Fibonacci Project

  • Disseminating Inquiry-Based Science & Maths Education in Europe

Engineering and Science in Primary Schools

  • Developing an informed model for engineering education in primary schools

Interdisciplinary Learning Education Technology and Society

Chips for Everyone

  • Workshops in semi-conductor technology

Torquing Turbines

  • Workshops in understanding energy conversion

Cosmic Way Roadshow

  • Exploring Scotland's vital role in the discovery of Cosmic rays