The development of middle leadership in schools in Wales: a desktop study

This project comprised of a literature and policy survey of the construction of middle leadership in schools in Wales and the implications for the professional learning of aspiring and serving middle leaders. Policy developments following the OECD Report (2014) were examined. The study also brought together academic literature on middle leadership from Wales specifically and from international sources to identify issues related to professional learning and middle leadership in schools in Wales.

The research aims were:

  • To analyse policy to map out the way in which ‘middle leadership’ has developed in schools in Wales.
  • To examine the implications of the evolution of ‘middle leadership’ for the future development of this level of leadership.
  • To identify areas for the professional learning to support the role of middle leaders in school in Wales.

PI and Co-I

PI - Professor Christine Forde (University of Glasgow, School of Education)

Co-I - Mrs Kathleen Kerrigan (University of Glasgow, School of Education)

Start and End date

May – December 2020

Funder and Funding Amount

National Academy of Educational Leadership, Wales (NEAL), £1,545

Project News

Following the publication of the study Professor Christine Forde and Kathleen Kerrigan presented a webinar for associates of the National Academy during which key findings were presented and the implications for middle leadership in Wales were discussed.

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