The Role of Music Practices for Peace Education in Conflict (MuPPEC)

This interdisciplinary project including College of Social Science and College of Arts & Humanities researchers critically examined the contribution made by music practices in developing peace education and inclusion with individuals affected by violent conflict, beginning with Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. The project aimed to deliver critical ethnographies of NGOs to target a large external GCRF-funding call. It aimed to benefit practitioner, policy and research-leaders in ODA-recipient countries by helping to develop research-informed-practices.

PI and Co-Is - International Collaborators

PI - Dr Oscar Odena, School of Education and School of Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Social Sciences, University of Glasgow

Dr Andrew Green, School of Culture & Creative Arts, College of Arts & Humanities, University of Glasgow

Valeria Gascon, Research Assistant, School of Education, University of Glasgow

Professor Gloria Zapata, Co-Applicant, UNESCO Chair in Arts, Education and Culture of Peace, Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, Bogota, Colombia.

Professor Patricia González-Moreno, Co-Applicant, Faculty of Arts, Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Dr Sergio Figueiredo, Independent Consultant, Florianópolis, Brazil.

Start and End date

01/08/2019 – 30/06/2020

GCRF Roll Over 01/09/2020 - 31/10/2021

Funder and Funding amount

Scottish Funding Council GCRF £60,915 (£76,647 fEC)