The Children’s Voices Capabilities Research Tool/ARC Accelerator participant

This project funds the cost of an animation to explain and promote the Children’s Voice research tool to children and young people in high-poverty communities.

Children’s Voices is a research programme that aims to involve children in the decisions that concern them by asking them to explore their goals for wellbeing. Children’s Voices has been developed within Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland, a pilot programme which aims to improve the lives of children in high-poverty neighbourhoods, funded by Scottish Government Child Poverty Delivery Plan.

Children’s Voices aligns with the College IRT on Tackling Inequalities. By involving disempowered children and young people in decision-making, we aim to address social justice issues and build lifelong skills for democratic participation and inclusion.

We also aim to contribute to the IRT on Justice, Insecurity and Fair Decision-Making by understanding the roots of child poverty and developing new youth-led solutions to drive positive change.

PI and Co-I

PI: Dr Sarah Ward, Research Associate, Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland

Start and End date

February - June 2021

Funder and Funding amount

ABC Seed Fund


Related Publications

Ward, S., Bynner, C. and Bianchi, V. (2021) ‘Building a capabilities framework with children and young people: an illustrated example’ in Ainscow, M. and Chapman, C. (Eds.) Educational Equity, Excellence and Systems Change: Harnessing the power of collaboration. Routledge, forthcoming.

Project News

The animation will be shown to children and young people aged 7-16 who are participating in our research through their school or youth project. The animation will also be used to promote the Children’s Voices venture, which is a not-for-profit organization to offer the Children’s Voices research programme and tools beyond the scope of the Children’s Neighbourhoods pilot.

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