Poor among the pastoralists: The importance of bad luck for inequality

Poverty among pastoralists is near ubiquitous, but not uniform. In these communities, risk exposure is high while insurance options are limited, contributing to both poverty and inequality. Collecting survey data from Turkana pastoralists in Kenya, we conducted a quantitative analysis of risk in relation to socio-economic inequality, specifically in wealth, income, health, education and fertility.

PI and Co-Is - International Collaborators

PI: Dr Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

Co-I: Dr Rebecca MancySocial and Public Health Sciences Unit and School of Education, University of Glasgow

Co-I: Dr Elissaios Papyrakis, Associate Professor in Development Economics, ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Co-I/ODA Partner: Dr Dorice Agol, Friends of Lake Turkana, Kenya

Start and End Date

1 October 2018 – 30 March 2019

Funder and Funding Amount

GCRF Internal Call, External Funder (SFC)