Issue 29 (Autumn 2021): Boundaries

Letter from the Editor

As a student-led publication, eSharp exists for the benefit of postgraduates, as well as the broader research community. We limit our publication to articles written by postgraduate researchers and recent graduates so that we may promote the work of new and emerging scholars from around the world.

We chose this year’s theme for a host of reasons. First, we wanted to promote the discussion of important and sometimes challenging topics. ‘Boundaries’ often bring to mind images of distance, separation, access, opportunity, and segregation. For some a boundary is a window looking out on an exciting tomorrow. For others it is a wall to keep them in, or to keep them out. We also wanted to invite a wide array of papers from a multitude of disciplines. eSharp is at its core an interdisciplinary journal, and nothing that can be found under the broad umbrellas of arts, humanities, and social sciences is off-limits. Therefore, we chose ‘Boundaries’ specifically because of its relative ambiguity. As you will see, the result is a collection of high-quality articles from across a variety of disciplines.

I would like to thank the members of the eSharp editorial board for their hard work and dedication. This year has brought with it exceptional challenges and this issue would not have been possible without this extraordinary team of editors.

Caleb Rogers
eSharp General Editor, 2021


The Editors

General Editor
Caleb Rogers

Peer-Review Coordinator
Bilyana Palankasova

Social Media Coordinator
Andreea Tint

Editorial Board
Erjia Li
Sam Gates
Chunwei Liu
Meriel Dhanowa
Kaiyue He
Dylan Jardine



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The Authors

  eSharp 29 - Authors

Carolyn J. McNamara (University of Glasgow)

Rethinking water as an inherent boundary in the early medieval west of Scotland eSharp 29 - McNamara   

Kirsty Pattison (University of Glasgow)

Contemplating Italian Renaissance Magic: Can Theurgy Usefully Blur the Boundaries Between Religion and Magic?

eSharp 29 – Pattison

Emily Hay (University of Glasgow)

Opening the Casket: Transcending Boundaries of Interpretation in Mary Stuart’s Casket Sonnets

eSharp 29 – Hay

Alana McPake (University of Glasgow)

Boundaries of (dis)belief: Past and present in period television drama and its cultural reception

eSharp 29 – McPake

Maria Mitenkova (University of Auckland)

Janet Frame: Fiction, Reality, and the In-between

eSharp 29 – Mitenkova

Jenna Houston (University of Sheffield)

‘I flake up papers that breathe like people’: Blurred boundaries in the poetry and letter writing of Sylvia Plath

eSharp 29 – Houston

Gina Lyle (University of Glasgow)

Fragile Boundaries and the Butchered Body in Janice Galloway’s ‘The meat’

eSharp 29 – Lyle

eSharp Editorial for 2017

  eSharp 29 - Editorial Note