Issue 11 (Spring 2008): Social Engagement, Empowerment and Change

Issue 11 (Spring 2008): Social Engagement, Empowerment and Change

eSharp's eleventh issue, 'Social Engagement, Empowerment and Change', examines the social implications and practical applications of theory, as well as how these may empower marginalised social groups or promote social change. The issue reflects a wide variety of topics from Nigerian literature to media representation of asylum seekers in Scotland; from ethics in architecture education to conflict resolution in Afghanistan; from refugee organizations to the child in criminology.

With contributing authors from universities in Australia, the USA and across the UK, eSharp is proud to present this series of articles demonstrating the diversity of approaches to issues of social engagement and empowerment across disciplines.

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Brenna Dorrance Conflict Resolution and Development through Social Empowerment Programmes in Northern Afghanistan Abstract  11 - Dorrance
Jeffrey Gunn Inside 'Rotten English': Interpreting the Language of Ambiguity in Ken Saro-Wiwa's Sozaboy Abstract  11 - Gunn

Richard Iveson

A Politics of Disease: The fantastic trope and the dismemberment of reality Abstract   11 - Iveson
Amadu Wurie Khan Countering Media Hegemony, Negative Representations, the 'Bad Citizen': Asylum seekers' battle for the hearts and minds of Scotland Abstract  11 - Khan

Liberty Kohn

Antilanguage and a Gentleman's Goloss: Style, Social Meaning and Entitlement to Irony in A Clockwork Orange Abstract  11 - Kohn
Leonidas Koutsoumpos Actions and the energeiai: the 'ethics of borderlands' in the educational praxis of architecture


  11 - Koutsoumpos
Ruth Alexandra Liston The Child in Criminology: Site of Intervention, Site of Control, Site of Blame Abstract   11 - Liston
Maria Teresa Martinez Dominguez Oil Politics in the Amazon: From Ethnocide to Survival Abstract   11 - Martinez Dominguez
Teresa Piacentini Contesting identities in exile: an exploration of collective self-understanding and solidarity in Refugee Community Organisations in Glasgow Abstract  11 - Piacentini
Miriam Ross Grupo Chaski's Microcines: Engaging the Spectator Abstract  11 - Ross
Colin Vernall Money No Object: Revolution and Revaluation in the Economics of Place and the Place of Economics in Art Abstract  11 - Vernall