14 (Winter 2009): Imagination and Innovation

Issue 14 'Imagination and Innovation' focuses on the potential of the human imagination in generating innovation, creation and new developments. From technological advances to the formation of various media, the inventive capacity of the human mind has shaped our history and our world in countless ways. Submissions to this issue explore and reflect its creative energy, with topics ranging from Eurovision and identity politics to the phantasmagorical imagination in 18th century/ fin-de-siècle cultures; from discourses of creativity in BBC production to the reception and re-interpretation of a 15th century dream romance. The articles demonstrate that imagination is an important factor to consider when it comes to the formation and development of nation state profiles, global identity, children's TV program-making, literary works and Christian beliefs.  In effect, image-branding, narratives, organizational practices, the reception of texts from prior eras and defining religious identities are found to be key in making sense of our modern society.

eSharp is proud to present this diverse collection of articles, which demonstrate the variety of creative processes and developments within entertainment, literature, religion and other manifestations of human culture.


Erik Fuhrer What if Jesus Had a Sister? : Virginia Woolf's Messianic (re)Imaginings Abstract  14 - Fuhrer
Judith Gruber Christian Identities: An imaginative and innovative quest for pluriform unity Abstract  14 - Gruber
Paul Jordan Eurovision in Moscow: Re-imagining Russia On The Global Stage Abstract  14 - Jordan
Efthymia Priki Elucidating and Enigmatizing: the Reception of the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili in the Early Modern Period and in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries Abstract  14 - Priki
Douglas Small The Phantasmagorical Imagination: From Singular Perversion To Curious Celebration Abstract  14 - Small
 Veronica Marie Whale  Expressions of Identity from Colonization to Globalization: Tracing Connections in the Process of Identification Abstract 14 - Whale
Lynn Whitaker  'Creative Bloody Futures': Discourses of Creativity in BBC Children's Production Abstract  14 - Whitaker