Issue‌ 20 (Spring 2013): New Horizons

Image by Roderick Simpson

For our 20th issue 'New Horizons' we collected articles that are various and diverse in scope: articles that cover topics from conceptions of science, to educational theory, to new ideas in literature. It is clear from working with these articles that researchers in countless fields are entering exciting times and heading themselves for new horizons. It has been our pleasure to collate these articles and put these voices from various areas together in this issue that we are proud to present.

Lead editors: Jing Han, Jonathan Henderson, Julie Wertz


Bowie, Laura The Rote Armee Fraktion: Memory and the Construction of Art, Film and Literature 20 1 Bowie
Fitzpatrick, Edwina
Into the Unknown: Navigating Spaces, Terra Incognita and the Art Archive 20 2 Fitzpatrick
Grist, Hannah
The Dennis Potter Heritage Project: Auto/Ethnography as Process and Product 20 3 Grist
van Loenen, Eva A Fresh Perspective on the History of Hasidic Judaism 20 10 van Loenen
MacDonald, Samantha
Manufacturing Teachers - A critical reading of the teacher in 'Teaching Scotland's Future' 20 5 MacDonald
Mahlouly, Dounia
Rethinking the Public Sphere in a Digital Environment: Similarities between the Eighteenth and the Twenty-First Centuries 20 6 Mahlouly
McCaffery, Richie

Committed and Confessional: Sorley MacLean's poetry of World War Two

20 7 McCaffery
Sood, Arun Dreaming of the Self: Thomas De Quincey and the Development of the Confessional Mode 20 8 Sood

Trubody, Ben

A New Approach to the Public Understanding of Science: The Public Consumption of Science and the Role of Worldview

20 9 Trubody
Halden, Grace
Textual nuclear war based on the memory of Hirosima 20 4 Halden