Issue‌ 21 (Winter 2013): Silenced Voices

Image by Simon Schmidt showing the Tsitsernakaberd; a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Welcome to Issue 21 of eSharp, entitled Silenced Voices. Presented below is a volume of articles engaging with issues of voice, real and perceived, from within the spheres of the social sciences and the arts and humanities. We would like to thank the authors, reviewers and editors who have contributed to this issue of eSharp. This process continues to support and publish critical academic writing and provide opportunities for aspiring postgraduate authors to publish their work and acquaint themselves with the publication process. We welcome international and inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas, and emphasize the importance of the peer-review process for academic research

Lead editors: Kirsty Strang, Sotirios Frantzanas, Lorna MacBean


Rubens, Andrew 

Translation and Trajectories: On Benjamin Fondane and Restoring the Writer’s Voice

  21 1 Rubens
Temple, George

Gender through Tradition in ‘Prufrock’ and ‘Songs to Joannes’

  21 2 Temple
Baumeister, Hannah 

Forced Wives as Victims and Perpetrators of War Violence in Transitional Justice Processes

  21 3 Baumeister
Glen, Abigail L. 

Sing the Alarm: Sirens, Prostitutes, and Silenced Voices in the Bestiaire d’amour

  21 4 Glen

Bahrami, Faryma 

International Law and the Silencing of Victims of Human Rights Breaches

  21 5 Bahrami
Usman Saleem, Ali   Revisiting the Peripheries in Meatless Days: Unveiling Gender and Religious Discourse in Pakistan   21 6 UsmanSaleem
Robertson-Kirkland, Brianna E 

The Silencing of Bel Canto

  21 7 Robert-Kirkland
Harrill, Claire  

What Women Want: Female readers of Virgil’s Aeneid in the Middle Ages

  21 8 Harrill