Issue 10 (Winter 2007): Orality and Literacy

Issue 10 (Winter 2007): Orality and Literacy

issue10 image_BoethiuseSharp's 10th issue, 'Orality and Literacy', offers different explorations of the relationship between oral and literate modes of communication. These range from the use of paralinguistic devices such as bird song in Gaelic folktales to the political implications of literacy in formation of eighteenth-century slave narratives; from the use of the body as a site of oral memory in Toni Morrison's Love to the exploration of different kinds of individual and national history figured through the use of literary and oral tropes in Shakespeare's King John

eSharp is proud to present this series of articles that demonstrate the diverse ways in which the oral and the literate are played out within different cultures, all of which in turn raise issues of historiographical method and in doing so offer a stimulating counterpoint to the Historical Perspectives supplement.

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Professor Willy Maley Introduction to 'Orality and Literacy'   10 - Maley Intro
Caitriona Noonan Introduction: Ten Issues of eSharp   10 - Ten Issues

Jeffrey Gunn

Literacy and the Humanizing Project in Olaudah Equiano's The Interesting Narrative and Ottobah Cugoano's Thoughts and Sentiments Abstract 10 - Gunn
Stuart A. Harris-Logan Nam Bithinn Mar Eun ('If I were a Bird'): Re-accessing the Paralinguistic Dimension of Traditional Scots Gaelic Storytelling Abstract  10 - Harris-Logan

Katherine Knowles

'This little abstract': Inscribing History upon the Child in Shakespeare's King John Abstract 10 - Knowles
Mariangela Palladino  Mnemonics and Orality in Toni Morrison's Love 


10 - Palladino
Fiona Stewart, Hannah Little and Marc Alexander
From Conversation to Conference: 'The Cultural Value of Oral History'   10 - CVOH

Historical Perspectives in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Historical Perspectives in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Katie Barclay, Catriona Haston
& Rachel McAdams

Introduction from the Editors   10S - Intro 
Andreas Boldt 

Perception, Depiction and Description of European History:
Leopold von Ranke and his Development and Understanding of Modern Historical Writing.

10S - Boldt
Thomas Byrne Progress Amidst the Pitfalls? Perception, Deception and Reception in the Writing of an Early Modern Biography.  Abstract 10S - Byrne
Tatsuya Mitsuda  The Equestrian Influence and the Foundation of Veterinary Schools in Europe, c. 1760-1790. Abstract  10S - Mitsuda
Christopher Prior Writing Another Continent's History: The British and Pre-colonial Africa, 1880-1939. Abstract 10S - Prior