Monumental spot

Monumental launch Launched in June 2017, ‘Monumental’ is an exciting new Glasgow Science Festival project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Scotland has a rich history as a powerhouse of science and innovation, from the Scottish Enlightenment to the present day. Scots like James Watt and Joseph Black were pioneers whose contributions pushed us into the modern world. But where are the women and what are their stories?


Monumental is inviting the public to uncover these ‘hidden gems’. Help us explore forgotten female Scottish scientists. Who are they? What was their field? What was their contribution? Where did they live?

Monumental will culminate in Monumental Live, with four custom-built statues of female Scottish scientists – as chosen by you – popping up across Glasgow and beyond throughout the summer of 2018.

Discover Scottish STEM history and help us celebrate the achievements and stories of our forgotten female trailblazers – as well as the amazing women who help keep Scotland innovative today.

Get involved


How many Scottish scientists (male or female) can you name? Who deserves her own statue? Complete our survey now!

You can also Tweet us @GlasgowSciFest #GSFmonumental


Do you work for a STEM-related organisation e.g. a natural history society, a learned society, a university? Does your organisation have information that can help support this project? Please fill out our consultation form online.

An Experiment

Watch our Monumental experiment video below.


Monumental spot