Miscellany Eight by Various Authors [Stair Society, 67]

Edinburgh: The Stair Society. 2020. 372 pp.  ISBN 9781872517292.

Via Avizandum.

Edited by A. M. Godfrey, with a Preface by the Hon. Lord Stewart

Contents – 'Anglo-Scottish Relations, 1290-1513, and the Beginnings of International Law' (Lord Sumption); 'The Scottish Translations of the Rôles d'Oléron: Edition and Commentary' (Edda Frankot);
'The Roll of the Burgh Courts of Aberdeen, August-October 1317' (Andrew R. C. Simpson and Jackson W. Armstrong); 'The Medieval Canon Law in Scotland: Marriage and Divorce' (R. H. Helmholz); 'Legal Argumentation of jus commune sources in Pleadings in the Court of Session, 1549/1550' (Athol L. Murray and Gero Dolezalek); 'Elections and Local Governance in Early Modern Aberdeen' (Stephanie Dropuljic and Adelyn L. M. Wilson); 'The Vita Cragii of James Baillie' (Leslie Dodd); 'Counterfeit Currency and the Criminal Law in Commercialising Scotland' (Chloë Kennedy); 'The Stair Society History, Part 3 - 1967-2019' (Thomas H. Drysdale).