Law For All Times: Essays In Memory Of David Daube

Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas School of Law. 2004. 186 pages. ISBN 9780976414902.

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Edited by Ernest Metzger

These essays were collected in honor of David Daube, a renowned scholar of Roman and Biblical Law. The volume opens with a keynote address by Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, describing Daube's life and work ("Law for All Times"). Then follows a series of essays: - Quare? Argument in David Daube, After Karl Popper (Ernest Metzger) - Remarks on Consensual Sale (Reuven Yaron) - Daube and Palingenesia (David Johnston) - From the Recent Discovery of Documents in Pompeii: the tabellae of Titinia Antracis and the Suretyship of Epichares (Joseph Georg Wolf) - Nova Species (Cornelius van der Merwe) - Postscript on nova species and Kinloch Damph Ltd. v. Nordvik Farms Ltd. (Ernest Metzger) - Arbitration in the Ius Commune and Scots Law (Mark Godfrey) - Ius Civile in Scotland, ca. 1600 (John W. Cairns)