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Alphabetical list of printers/publishers/booksellers (ordered by surname). Headings used are those favoured by Goff/ISTC, with cross references from forms used by CERL, Library of Congress (as used in the rare books search records) and Bod-inc.

Those books produced by the various partnerships formed by many of the printers are listed under each individual printer's name (for example, books printed by the joint venture of Martinus de Septem Arboribus and Bartholomaeus de Valdezoccho will be found listed under the separate names of  Martinus de Septem Arboribus and Valdezoccho, Bartholomaeus de).


Zachon, Jacobus -- see Sacon, Jacobus

Zainer, Günther

BD7-b.8; BD9-b.1; BD12-a.9; T.C.L. f65 & 167526

Zainer, Johann

Al-b.86; BD9-a.12; BD15-i.20; Be.3.9 (item 1); Be.3.9 (item 2); Bv.1.9; Da-a.13, 14

Zani, Bartolomeo -- see Zanis, Bartholomaeus de

Zanis, Bartholomaeus de

Ah-b.27; Bn8-d.2By.3.34

Zarotto, Antonio -- see Zarotus, Antonius

Zarotus, Antonius

BD7-c.9; Be.2.10; Be.2.17; Bf.2.18; Bg.2.7; By.2.20; T.C.L. f2

Zel, Ulrich

Al-b.48; An-y.23 (item 1); An-y.23 (item 2); An-y.24; BD7-c.1 (item 1); BD7-e.12BD7-e.19; Bf.3.1; Bf.3.9; Bx.3.36; By.3.7By.3.20 (item 1); By.3.20 (item 2); By.3.22By.3.24 (item 1); By.3.24 (item 2); By.3.28; By.3.30; Eg7-c.1; Eg7-c.10

Zell, Ulrich -- see Zel, Ulrich

Zenus, Henricus de Sancto Ursio -- see Sancto Ursio, Henricus de, Zenus

Zierickzee, Cornelis de

Af-y.33Ai-a.11; Ai-a.26 (item 2); Ai-a.26 (item 3); An-y.13; BC4-c.22 (item 1); BD1-c.41

Ziletti, Innocente -- see Ziletus, Innocens

Ziletus, Innocens