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Absence request are submitted via the UofG Helpdesk. For further information, including supplementary forms, please see Absence from the University 

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Annual Progress Review forms are accessed via MyCampus and further information including all supplementay forms are available via Annual Progress Review.

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Responsibilities for Supervisors of PGRs with a Tier 4/Student Visa

The University has been granted a licence to sponsor non-EEA/Swiss students under the Tier 4 immigration system. If the conditions relating to the University’s Sponsor Licence are breached, this licence is likely to be removed, resulting in an embargo of all International Students attending the University. It is important that all staff who are working with Tier 4 students understand how the University collectively needs to mitigate this risk.

A moodle course on Tier 4 and Student Visas providing a background to the Points Based System and a overview of the key requirements from staff, students and sponsors can be accessed via Moodle enrolment key t4@2016

The Tier 4/Student visa conditions relating to Postgraduate Research Students are as follows:


  1. The student is actively engaged in study for the duration of the course including during the thesis pending period. The duration of a PhD course is considered to be up until the date of the viva.
  2. The student will reside in the UK for the duration of the course unless they have been granted an approved absence from the University. See Information about Approved Absence from the University

Responsibilities of Supervisors of PGR Students with a Tier 4/Student visa

  • Schedule a list of contact points which the student is required to attend. This is expected to be monthly supervision meetings and it is also feasible to assess attendance at research courses, annual progress reviews and seminars outwith the supervisory meetings. Your School admin support will confirm how this is managed in your School. 
  • Students engaged in full-time study are expected to attend at least 10 contact points each session.
  • During the thesis pending period and before thesis submission, contact with the supervisor is required at least once every 2 months.
  • During the period after submission of the thesis and before the viva, if the student is still in the UK, supervisors and school admin should maintain email contact at least once every 2 months confirming arrangements for the viva etc;
  • Provide formal written reports of each supervision meeting to the School admin contact – templates are available on the Graduate School web; 
  • Within 5 working days of a missed contact point, notify the School admin contact who will initiate the School attendance monitoring procedure.
  • Ensure applications for absence from the University are approved before the absence commences. Retrospective applications imply that the student is not being monitored correctly and will not normally be approved. This could lead to the sponsorship of the visa being withdrawn and the student being required to leave the UK and potentially be withdrawn from further study. It also places the University’s status as a sponsor of Tier 4 students in jeopardy.