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Forms & Requests

 Overview - what form or request to use

Absence from the University

Please submit requests through the UofG Helpdesk. Please see Guide to requesting an absence from the University via UofG Helpdesk.

You are advised to contact your supervisor and School PGR administrator before submitting the online form to discuss the best course of action if your request is of sensitive nature or if you are unsure about the appropriate length of your absence.

Please contact the Graduate School with any questions or concerns.

Requests can be submitted for:

  • Approved Leave of Absence for Annual Leave (applicable to all PGRs)
  • Medical Leave during Thesis Pending (thesis-pending PGRs only)
  • Research Furth of Glasgow(full/part time PRGs only) 
  • Suspension of Studies (full/part time PRGs only)

 Supplementary forms and information: 

*Research Furth Requests: Please note that any UK travel involving a flight or an overnight stay, and all international travel must also be registered with the insurance team via the University Travel Portal (GUID log in required). The Travel Process Flowchart helps to explain the process and please find further details via the Business & Study Travel Policy


Annual Progress

Annual Progress Review forms are accessed by Students via a link on MyCampus and by Academics via a link on the Staff homepage.   

Access to the APR online system will be available from March 2023 and APR reviews and outcomes should be completed by the end of May 2023.  

Each School will invite students to complete their assessment section according to their own timetable. Please look out for notices from your School Administrator. 

The Postgraduate Research Handbook provides information regarding Annual Progress and further system guidance including training materials can be accessed via Annual Progress Review.

Supplementary forms and information:

First year PGRs should ensure the following mandatory courses are completed ahead of the APR:  

Thesis Submission

Submission forms:

Extension to Thesis Submission Date Applications:

Committee of Examiners: 

Alternative Format Thesis:

Submission Procedure:  

Word Count and Formatting: 

Supplementary information:

Please allow ten working days for all forms to be processed by the Graduate School



For supervisors and examiners

If you cannot find the information you are looking for from the above sections, please contact the Graduate School.