Visiting researcher policy

Visiting researcher policy

To strengthen and facilitate research collaborations with other institutions, the university has adopted a 'Visiting Researcher' Policy.  This policy provides guidance for setting up visiting researcher placements for postgraduate research students from other institutions. 

Appointments may be for up to a maximum of 4 consecutive years and are subject to review by the College Graduate School or Head of School/Research Institute Director.  Appointments of visiting postgraduate researchers may subject to visa restrictions if longer than 6 months in duration.  The duration of the appointment should be considered in light of any applicable visa restrictions.  The visiting researcher will be afforded appropriate access to existing facilities.  The visiting researcher's home university will be liable for all costs incurred by the researcher (including tuition fees and any bench fees) unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Please download and read the Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Policy for a full explanation of the complete application process:

If you are interested in applying for visiting status, you must first make contact with your proposed supervisor and agree the terms and duration of your visit.  This should also be agreed with your home institution. 

You should then complete the Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Application.  This form will need to be signed by your proposed supervisor at Glasgow, the Head of School/Research Institute Director where the supervisor is located as well as a representative of your home institution.  The completed form should then be returned to the Graduate School Office (Arts, Social Sciences and Science and Engineering) or uploaded as part of registration on the online application system (MVLS) as appropriate. 

Please note that the process for application to the College of MVLS differs from the appliction process for the Colleges of Arts, Science & Engineering and Social Sciences.  Please consult the Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Policy for clarification.

Once the appointment is approved, the Admissions Team will provide the student with an offer letter and a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (if applicable).  The Graduate School, School or Research Institute will also issue a welcome letter with any additional relevant information.

To locate an appropriate supervisor at the University of Glasgow, please review the research pages for the College in your area of interest.

Should you have any questions about the Visiting PGR Policy or process, please do not hesitate to contact the PGR Service.

Responsibilities of Visiting Researchers

The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher is required to undertake appropriate induction and safety training at the University, maintain an appropriate record of their activity in the University, and observe the following:

  • The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher is required to carry a Glasgow University Identity Card and to present it to University officials on demand.
  • The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher is required to read and follow the University’s regulations governing the use of IT facilities.  
  • The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher must follow the University’s Code of Conduct.
  • The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher is required to read and follow the University’s Code of Practice for Postgraduate Students together with any specific School/Research Institute and College Graduate School rules dealing with access, use of facilities and local safety regulations. 
  • The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher must agree with his/her Glasgow supervisor a detailed research plan ahead of any work at the University to ensure adequate supervisory arrangements are in place and that reasonable access to facilities is available.
  • The Visiting Postgraduate Researcher will be bound by confidentiality rules designed to protect the Intellectual Property of staff and students of Glasgow University: Policy for Intellectual Property and Commercialisation.  Awareness of information gained through having Visiting Postgraduate Researcher status is a privilege. This is protected information and cannot be disclosed to a third party without the written permission of the owner of the information.

Supervisor Responsibilities

In agreeing to act as primary supervisor at Glasgow University the staff member/research fellow takes responsibility for:

  • Ensuring the Visiting Postgraduate Researcher will receive appropriate induction training and is made aware of current safety and security regulations.
  • Reviewing safety training, identifying training needs and ensuring that a training programme is initiated (this might also include standard training provisions offered by the College Graduate School to postgraduate researchers).  
  • Ensuring appropriate supervision arrangements are in place at all times during a research visit and that there is appropriate access to facilities.
  • Ensuring there is agreement in writing on the management of costs, including tuition fees and any bench fees, incurred by the Visiting Postgraduate Researcher during and after a research visit.  The expectation is the home university will be responsible for all costs incurred except where specifically stated in the agreement.


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