Fees and Expenses

PGR Examiner Expenses

Following approval of the external examiners nomination, the appropriate School will be in contact to arrange the viva (if applicable) and to provide advice on registration for the fee and payment of expenses.

Due to new rules issued by the Home Office around working permissions for non contracted employees further guidance on registering for payment of external examiner fees and expenses will be published shortly upon confirmation of the procedures from the University HR.

The College asks that all externals pay for their own expenses initially and then claim back from the University after the examination(s) are complete. If a School/Subject wishes to take responsibility of bookings etc for externals then they may do so.

To claim for expenses, please submit an External Examiner Expenses Form‌ to the appropriate School/Subject for payment. Please remember to enclose all receipts with the claim. Please also note that like fees, only claims received by the Office before the first Friday of the month, will ensure payment by the end of that month.


The Purchasing Office have details of hotels acceptable for the use of University staff, including external examiners.


The University will normally reimburse standard or economy class rail travel or economy class air travel. If travelling by car, payment is by the mile at the rate of £0.40 per mile.

PGT / UG Examiner Expenses

These are processed by the approprate School/Subject Office. Examiners should contact the School/Subject they are examining with for further information.

Right to Work

There's information about checking external examiners' Right to Work on the University of Glasgow's Academic Policy and Governance website: